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X: The Land of Fantasy

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X: The Land
of Fantasy




Chinese Poles
Aerial Straps Duo
One Drop (Clown)
Banquine / Icarian
Cyr Wheel /
Duo Adagio

Aerial Silk

Water Meteors /
Roller Blade Duo
Aerial Hoop
Hand Balancing
Invisible Creatures




Costumes & Characters

The Watcher
    A wise elder whose mechanical box unleashes the story of X: one that begins with two innocent infants, each left on the doorstep of the opposing kingdom’s palace.
Male Hero (Aria)
    As a white man adopted and raised by the Queen, he lives in a form of duality. He loves his foster mother very much and gets alsong well with his maid and partner. He has the elegance and quality of the Aria, however, some do not like him and think he is a threat. He believes that the Heroine is his sister.
Empress (Aria)
    As the most powerful woman in the air kingdom, The Empress has the facial features of an Asian, a pair of Danfengyan, and is elegant and dignified. She longs for peace and as a fraternal and optimistic leader, her subjects support her. However, she sees the baby as a bad omen, symbolizing the crumbling unification of the country. She is the daughter of the Phoenix (her representative symbol), the god of the sky, and is the representative of that God, on Earth.
Hoù (Aria)
    She is naughty, but smart, lively, cheerful, and loyal. She knows things but tends to keep them to herself. She is also a clown who can do acrobatics.
King (Petra)
    The King is the son of the Dragon, and is also the representative of that God on Earth. Though the upright white King is a veteran of the battlefield, he hates war and pursues peace. He sees the baby as the hope of ending the war. While he has the highest authority, he does not need anger to reflect that authority. Nor does he desire power. The King finds peace in his children.
Heroine (Petra)
    As an Asian woman adopted and raised by the King, The Heroine also lives in a form of duality. (She is an orphan of Aria that grew up in Petra.) After being adopted by the strange king, she becomes blinded to the characteristics of the adoptive warrior. She is strong and brave, likes and respects her adoptive father, but there are those in the kingdom that do not like her; they think she is a threat. She also wants to know her own life.
Khino (Petra)
    A comedic character, Khino is a clumsy face-lifting clown. He will fall in love with Hoù's maid, which will be a life-changing encounter.
The Councellors
    Sergeants for the King and Empress. They manipulated the King and Empress to go to war with each other.
The Shadow Warriors
    Powerful warriors and loyal servants to The Councilors. They hunt down The Hero and The Heroine to stop them from reuniting the Kingdoms.

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