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The Beatles




Get Back
Glass Onion
Eleanor Rigby
Rock'n'Roll Run
Abbey Road /
Gnik Nus /
Mr. Kite
Yesterday / Jam
Strawberry Fields
Within, Without
Lucy in the Sky
Lady Madonna
Octopus' Garden
Here Comes t/Sun
Come Together
Revolution / USSR
Guitar Weeps
A Day in the Life
Hey Jude /
Sgt. Pepper
All You Need

I am the Walrus





Doctor Robert
    A mysterious character (and not necessarily a doctor of medicine), Doctor Robert is a gracious host who cheerfully supplies "tea" to unsuspecting friends and encourages leaps of faith into intoxicating ventures.
Eleanor Rigby
    The embodiment of old traditional England, Eleanor Rigby is a resilient Englishwoman challenged by loneliness, age, and war. She is both a survivor and a lost soul, burdened as she is by the weight of her past, which she drags everywhere with her.
Father McKenzie
    The end of an era, a moral compass gone haywire. An old preacher indignant about change, Father McKenzie is frustrated that his world is crumbling around him and his sermons are not heard. Fire and Brimstone in a tug of war with the new age of Rock'n'Roll.
The Fool
    Silly yet profound, the Fool is the duality that inhabits us all. He is fun, loveable and enigmatic, yet marches only to his own off beat. He is restless, yet soulful. Mischievous, yet always good-hearted. He exudes joy and happiness even in the darkest hours, lighting everyone's spirits and showing them beauty in an absurd, often chaotic world. Charismatic and enigmatic, he is light when you need it most, and laughter when you least expect it.
    The age of Rock 'n' Roll infected no youths more than the Groupies - girls unleashed into a delirious and frantic obsession to chase boys, demonstrate lust, and dance their bobby socks off. This pack of screaming girls is a backstage pass to complete delirium.
Her Majesty
    English heritage and royalty are imbued in Her Majesty. She symbolizes the pride of a nation and the affection the citizens have for their Motherland.
    She is the figurative mother of an orphan - an ephemeral and ethereal presence in the life of a child of Liverpool. Julia evokes John Lennon's mother, whose tragic end was a defining and compelling force to his creative identity, laying the touching, emotional groundwork for John's music.
Kids of Liverpool
    They are the children growing up in the surreal paradise of war-torn England in the 1940s, much the same way that The Beatles did themselves. The innocence of their youth is shrouded in the rubble of conflict and devastation. The grim reality of their youth serves as a catalyst for them to challenge convention and inspires their unorthodox musical tastes.
    A groovy guru, Krishna opens the minds of others to new sounds, new cultures and new tastes. He is the spiritual link between East and West as he challenges common perceptions and rejoices in the body beautiful and the spirit serene.
Lady Madonna
    Lady Madonna embodies the strength and beauty of motherhood. She is a brave and generous woman. In a celebration of maternity and family, she dances with her lover, Sugar Plum Fairy, surrounded by children at her feet.
Lucy and the Fireman
    Lucy is the glamorous, albeit rebellious, daughter of wealth and propriety. She seeks to find what money cannot buy, soaring to new heights only after she meets the brutish Fireman. The ultimate conduit between reaching for the stars and keeping her feet planted firmly on the ground, the Fireman is Lucy's Romeo. He is an "everyman" with modest goals and means, who dedicates his strong body and enormous heart to the transport of this mismatch made in Heaven.
Mr. Piggy
    As a stick-in-the-mud aristocratic traditionalist, Mr. Piggy - incensed by the new culture spawning Rock'n'Roll - is the staunch and stuffy cheerleader for the old ways. He eventually partakes in the "tea ritual", getting more and more sucked into the youthful revolution of love and freedom.
Nowhere Men
    The four Nowhere Men, the ultimate fans of The Beatles, are the zeitgeist of LOVE, evoking the enduring camaraderie, impassioned spirit, contrasting styles, and wide-eyed aspiration of both the band and their generation.
    The Nurses are the caregivers of the children and the wounded from the war. They are the symbolic mothers of the country, soothing the bleeding hearts and fostering peace across a nation.
    Evoking the ports of Liverpool, the Sailors represent both the strength of a nation and the gateway through which The Beatles were exposed to the musical influences that would ultimately shape their lives.
Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper is the band leader of the old guard who must overcome the loss of his instruments. Initially traditional and meticulous, as a symbol of the pre-war way of life, he reinvents himself with fresh flamboyance by adapting his latest band - his instruments, his music, and himself - to the innovative new times.
Sugar Plum Fairy
    The ever-charming and highly charismatic bluesman, Sugar Plum Fairy loves music as much as he loves to dance. He is the rhythm pusher who would deal bootleg Blues and Rock 'n' Roll records to the music-hungry kids of Liverpool. Sugar Plum Fairy personifies the link between old-world Blues and new-wave Pop, bridging the oceans between America and the UK.
Teddy Boys
    The acrobats in Rock 'n' Roll Run, the Teddy Boys represent the new wave of uninhibited youth in the 1950s and 1960s. They are Elvis and Marlon Brando "wannabees." They are sexy and sassy and they flaunt it for the girls with zeal. They are products of a new philosophy in music and culture.
The Blue Meanies
    The Blue Meanies are a fictional army of fierce, if buffoonish, music- hating creatures in the surreal 1968 Beatles film Yellow Submarine. They allegorically represent all the bad people in the world.
The Walrus / Eggman (Retired)
    A creature of glamour and unbridled energy, the Walrus is the spark of change from the polite, conservative past to the brash new era of music and dance. He shakes the old school establishment to its foundations, spreading his contagious energy, turning heads and ideas in his path.

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