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Chaos Synchro

11:11:05 ... A locomotive pulls into the train station and lets off a motley group of passengers straight from the 19th century: eccentrics, acrobats, a juggler, percussionists and dancers in their Sunday best. In a fusion of acrobatics, percussion and choreographies, they create inside the cabinet of curiosities a festive ambience that radiates freedom and charm.

The Seeker hops out of his chair in shock, as the items in his workshop begin to spring into motion, taking on a life of their own. Twin manikins, which had up until then been standing off to the side lifeless, dance and flit about as if touched by madness. The Seeker’s robots begin to swirl and twirl in confusion while electricity sparks through the lab’s wave sensors, opening a portal high above them. Through this wormhole descends the portly Mr. Microcosmos (played by Karl L’Ecuyer, from Canada – previously a Cricket of OVO), Klara (Ekaterina Pirogovskaya, Russia – fans might remember her as “Violet” from IRIS) and Nico (played by Nico Baixas from Spain) – a.k.a. “The Visitors” – wearing intra-dimensional masks.

They remove their masks (discarding them into the belly of Mr. Microcosmos) and then turn their attention aft as Mr. Microcosmo’s belly and coat unfolds into a locomotive (the very same from earlier; its structure, which extends out over a distance of 19-meters, is all aluminum. The outer shell is made out of mostly vinyl canvas with fiberglass mosquito screen used for windows.), which pulls right into the Seeker’s Workshop, out of which emerges a swarm of travelers from the 19th Century…

Percussionist Christa Mercey, a graduate of the University of Toronto (in percussion performance), plays the role of Bella Donna (complete with a side-angled Victorian hat that makes it look as if she’s stepped out of “My Fair Lady”) in this group act that combines drumming (on various objects, like suitcases, chairs and tables) with juggling. She’s accompanied by Kit Chatam, the show’s drummer, and Gabriel Beaudoin, an accomplished juggler who spent nine years training for his craft, five at the École de Cirque de Québec in Quebec City, then four at the École Nationale de Cirque in Montreal.

Together with help of “The Travelers”, a mélange of movement nothing less than a feast for the senses takes place before us. Everything is in continuous motion as Christa walks over chairs placed in her path, suitcases and tables become beat-boxes for both she and Kit, and all the while Gabriel juggles an ever increasing number of clubs. And when he flies up into the air – still juggling his clubs – we realize there’s no stopping this train!

It really is synchronized chaos and it’s fantastic!


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