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Pageant / Icarian
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The Pageant / Icarian Games
(Icarian Games: Sep.30.2019+)

The Royal Barge carries the Twins to the festivities as they play on the deck. They are entertained by the court with martial arts demonstration of strength and agility, including Wushu, Chinese Opera, and Brazilian Capoeira. The Twins display their musical ability with a light-hearted duet on flute. Just beyond their peaceful kingdom, imminent danger lurks as Archers and Spearmen prepare to attack.

Angelic vocalizations fill the air as rays of light emanate from the abyss. We hear the distinct sound of children laughing and playing. Suddenly we catch our first glimpse of the magnificent Sand-Cliff Deck which rises from the deep as a ship. Imperial Guards flank either side of the ship and row. The Twins are happily play-fighting on the deck. The ship's deck raises above the audience's eye level and several key characters are revealed within as the massive deck revolves; the Valets, the Chief Archer's Daughter and the Twins' Nursemaid who is busily finishing the ceremonial robes that the Twins will don for the reception that awaits their homecoming.

The ship docks, the Emperor, Empress, Court Jester and other members of the Imperial Court appear at the back of the stage on the Tatami deck which slides forward to meet the ship. The Court celebrates the return of the Twins by staging a magnificent pageant. The Imperial Guards engage in a graceful and synchronized martial arts demonstration as the Sand-Cliff deck revolves showing the group from different angles, the spectacular effect mimics a panning camera move in a film. The Imperial Guard's Lady Officer takes centre stage to perform a solo martial-arts routine where she dances with the Court Jester and juggles flower sticks.

It is time for the Twins to resume their studies. A Valet brings a large pile of books but instead of reading them he juggles them to the amusement of the court. Finally, the Twins serenade the court by playing a sweet, evocative melody on their flutes.

As the orchestra strikes an ominous chord Archers invade the aisles of the theatre and the catwalks. They draw their bows and poise to strike. An arrow hits the stage; the Archers' siege of the Empire begins Pandemonium engulfs the Imperial court. The Emperor is fatally wounded. The Twins scream in terror as they witness the assassination of their mother, the Empress.


• Pageant
• "Dance of Blocks"
• "Imminent Attack"

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