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Too High
3 Knocks
Time to Go
Bridge of Sorrow
Bour Mowote
Alone/Sans Toi
Slipping Away
Cold Flame
One Love
Time Flies
Nova Alegria




Costumes & Characters

DELIRIUM showcases 44 talented and multidisciplinary artists, 8 of whom have collaborated with Cirque du Soleil in the past. Each artist has been selected for individual virtuosity. They include 11 musicians, 6 singers, 18 dancers, 8 acrobats and 4 main characters. In all, 20 countries are represented in the troupe, including 2 Americans: Karl Baumann (Las Vegas) who portrays one of the main characters and dancer Alexandra Apjarova (New York). To heighten the musical experience, DELIRIUM is infused with acrobatic dances as well as classic Cirque du Soleil feats including aerial, acro-sport and hand balancing acts.

The sources of inspiration for the costumes of DELIRIUM are myriad. While some get-ups call to mind the extravagant creations of great designers such as John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, others are evocative of the styles of the 1930s and 1960s - for instance, the flamboyant dress worn by Diana Ross and the Supremes. The costumes of the musicians - explorers, if you will, of an imaginary world - suggest various eras as well. Each musician plays a different character; the bandleader resembles a 1970s singer, while one of the instrumentalists sports a Davy Crockett look. Costume designer Michel Robidas designed intricate complex structural costumes were designed to give body and life to the music of DELIRIUM - not least the 80 foot (25 meter) "volcano dress", or the dress representing the sea, made from close to 400 meters of blue organza interlaced with fiber optics emitting white and red twinkling light. The design on the whirling dervishes' robes is inspired by tree roots - in shades of purple on some and red with golden yellow on others. Unlike the traditional dervish costume, which has a skirt fanning out from the waist, these robes fan out from the dancers' chest thus heightening the spinning effect.


    Bill is an ordinary man living inside a bubble, more and more recluse in a society where even relationships are “virtual,” and where television and computers have become ubiquitous devices that isolate us from one another. DELIRIUM is his journey to break out of the bubble and once again connect with those from his past, present, and future.
    Teetering about the stage on stilts with aplomb, Cerbère is Bill’s sidekick antithesis - a grouchy-but-friendly demon rooted to the earth who guides and helps him open each new door of his journey.
    The Businessman lives in a technological world where there’s no real interaction between people. He’s a bossy working man with a boring, gray-tinged life, intent on suppressing the emotions and colour in Bill’s life.
    Diogenes is an androgynous shaman who comes from the luminous tribe. He brings creativity, nobility and sensuality to Bill’s imagination, showing Bill a journey into another imagination. Diogenes offers a meditation on the masculine and feminine sides of our nature - the sense of ambivalence and sexual dialogues that lies within each of us. He is a light carrier represented through a red ball, a representation of Bill’s childhood.
La Yumé
    Adorned in a bright white dress, La Yumé is the manifestation of Bill’s hopes and dreams. Flowing about the stage throughout Bill’s journey, she provides the core connection between him and the outside world.
Golden Boy
    Dressed in a glimmering gold getup similar to that of Bill’s, the Golden Boy is Bill’s younger self - a memory of his childhood and the youth, energy, and curiosity that he has lost.

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