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Trampo Beds
Roue Cyr
Nos Dejò
Suspended Pole
Klezmer Moment
Helium Dance
Korean Plank
Tibetian Bowls
The Whistler
Teatro Intimo
Air Straps Duo
Tournik / Close

Aerial Strap Solo
Diabolo (Duo)
Aerial Silks
Hula Hoops

Not So Serious...
Duo Adagio
Acro Duet
Little Horses
Foot Juggling
Vocal Aerial Silk




Costumes & Characters

  There are 40 angels in Corteo and 4 types of angels: Arc Angels, Little Angels, Grand Angels and Auguste Angels – in addition to the main characters. Their costumes are made from silk, cotton and the most diaphanous organic materials to preserve their hand-crafted quality. The most expensive costume design is the Grandiose Angel. Each of the four costumes cost $35,000. It's also one of the heaviest, weighing in at about 50 pounds.
To create the over 260 costumes for Corteo, Costume Designer Dominique Lemieux set out to accentuate the natural beauty and true humanity of the artists. The finery of the Corteo wardrobe was also inspired by European styles of the period between 1890 and 1930, which was marked by the works of the French painter Toulouse-Lautrec, among others. Romanticism, refinement, and elegance are the watchwords - along with a touch of fantasy. She used more than 900 different fabrics, concentrating on natural fibers such as silks, linens, cottons and lace in a subtle color palette that includes blues, pinks, fuchsia and gold with appliquéd spangles and jewels. For example, the fabric used for the costume of the pierrot - inspired by the one worn by that classic commedia dell'arte character - is gathered at the hips and shoulders by cartridge pleats for greater fullness. The bibs are decorated with honeycomb smocking, so called because of the distinctive pattern is creates. The musicians wear pleated ruffs around their necks too, and engageantes - pleated lace cuffs - on their wrists.

The soft color palate ranges from blue to pink to fuchsia, and also includes gold and copper hues. Old pastel colors were favored, as though the fabric had faded or altered over time. One challenge was to create very realistic and lifelike patina effects to suggest the idea of inheritance or ancestry, as though the costumes had been passed down from father to son and mother to daughter. A lot of the fabric was dyed and airbrushed to give it an aged finish. Mostly natural fibers such as silk, linen and cotton were used, decorated with beaded lace, gemstones and sequins. For example, made from silk georgette, crepe de Chine and satin, the costumes in the Paradise act evoke women's lingerie. The fabric has been "ennobled" by airbrushing. And the base of the costume worn in the Tightwire act is silk to which netting and dyed lace adorned with gold, flowers, and glittering sequins were added.


The Dead Clown
    The Dead Clown is the central character of the story, the one whom this fantastic funeral is honouring … but could it all be a dream? A former member of the troupe surrounding him, he dons his costume to perform onstage one last time.
The Loyal Whistler
    The origins of the Loyal Whistler lie in the classic role of "Mr. Loyal", the ringmaster of traditional circuses. The Loyal Whistler evokes images of a former military man, one who has retrained in the circus arts but never quite lost his former ways. When he starts to whistle, his boundless artistic passion comes to the fore.
The White Clown
    For the White Clown, appearances are what matters most. Like the Loyal Whistler, he is an authority figure … at least, he'd like to be. Of all the colourful characters, he admires only the stars and scorns the others. It is the White Clown who opens the door to the magic of the circus for the Dead Clown.
The Clown Trio
    The Clowness is an actress, a veritable grande dame of the stage, who somehow found herself a part of this nutty troupe. Her professionalism and her strength of character allow her to bear the foolishness of her partners, whom she never fails to charm. A diminutive clown who's in love with the Clowness, the Little Clown is always ready to play tricks on his associates. Impish and lively, he is both an endearing companion and a force to be reckoned with. Although only an amateur opera singer, the Giant Clown imagines himself to be a great artist of worldwide renown. Without doubt, it is with him that the Dead Clown is closest, almost like brothers.

{The Dead Clown}
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{The White Clown}
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