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Step inside the world of Cirque du Soleil!

  Tapis Rouge takes you into the sensational world of Cirque du Soleil. There you'll discover an array of mouth-watering food, fine wines, and unique entertainment all served up in a stunning setting and a comfortable atmosphere. Then, you'll be whisked off to the best seats in the house to witness a magical story of beauty, fantasy and poetry that only Cirque du Soleil can tell.
A VIP, or a very important personage, is a person who is accorded special privileges due to their high social status, influence, or importance. Examples include celebrities, heads of state, major employers, high rollers, high-level corporate officers, wealthy individuals, or any other socially notable person who receives special treatment for any reason. The special treatment usually involves separation from "common people" and a higher level of comfort or service. In some cases, such as with tickets, VIP may be used as a title in a similar way to premium or exclusive.

At Cirque du Soleil, one can become a VIP through an up-charged ticket experience called Tapis Rouge. "Tapis Rouge" (tah-pee rooj) is a French idiomatic that literally translates to "red carpet". A red carpet is traditionally used to mark the route taken by heads of state on ceremonial and formal occasions, and has in recent decades been extended to use by VIPs and celebrities at formal events, hence Cirque's use of the term to denote their VIP Experiences. In more general terms, Cirque du Soleil is "rolling out the red carpet" for you, their guest, in the interests of hospitality, which, for a price, affords the guest special VIP treatment, such as the best seats available, access to a special tent or suite, delectable food and wines served with Cirque du Soleil flair, special festive atmosphere including original music, a display of colors and styles in a stunning environment, and, take home souvenirs (including an exclusive show program).

What could be better than that? The history of VIP experiences at Cirque du Soleil is tenuous at best, but here we'll do our best to shed some light on these unique, and very well-received experiences.

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    First: are you a friend of Cirque du Soleil? As a fan you'd probably answer yes without any hesitation. But would you be surprised if I told you the answer was most likely no? Before you wrinkle your forehead in confusion or yell out in protest let me ask you another question: ever come across a page dotted with star-like shapes accompanying names within your Cirque du Soleil programmes and wondered what that page was all about? If you've seen such a page (and I'd be surprised in this day and age if you had), then you've stumbled upon the recognition for "The Friends of Cirque du Soleil" – a rewards program for those patrons who helped Cirque fund its spectacles – and the reason behind this line of questioning. The page described can be found in many of Cirque's earliest printed programmes, from its first organized tour through Quidam's original North American Tour (1996-1998). Yet, the purpose of the page was rarely described.

    "The Friends..." was a special club created by Cirque du Soleil to recognize its greatest sponsors and most generous contributors in its earliest days. Cirque du Soleil wasn't always the multi-million-dollar company it is today, and in the beginning, the majority of the company's operational budget came from the Canadian Government, but that just wasn't enough. In order to keep up with their needs, another percentage of their budget was donated from companies and citizens within Canada itself. It's those donations that are honored on "The Friends of Cirque du Soleil" page.

    And how did you become an honored "Friend" of Cirque du Soleil?

    Simple, by "purchasing" a seat under the big top for $500.00 CDN or more, placing you in one of three categories: Silver, Gold or Platinum. And depending on the amount you donated you received a plethora of unique gifts.

    For a donation between $500.00 CDN and $999.99 CDN, you were considered Silver Status and received a permanently affixed nameplate on a ringside seat under the big top with the donators name on it. For a donation between $1000.00 CDN and $4999.99 CDN, you were considered Gold Status and received the same rights and privileges as a Silver Status member and two other perks: the donator's name printed every year in the Cirque du Soleil souvenir program, and the donator's name posted on the "Friends of the Cirque du Soleil billboard affixed within the confines of the big top. And for a $5000.00 CDN donation or more, you were considered Platinum Status and received the same rights and privileges as a Gold Status member and two additional perks: an honorary certificate attesting to your support of the Cirque, and two complimentary tickets for a show in every city on the tour. Wow!

    Through the years many individuals and companies donated outright to Cirque or contributed to their "chair buying program". Chair buying programs are nothing new and are put into place to help raise money for a cause – such as keeping a museum running or in this case, a new circus. But with Cirque du Soleil emerging as a major player on not only the circus scene but the performing arts scene by the end of the 1990s, the company no longer needed to rely on government funding or patron donations to keep afloat and "The Friends of Cirque du Soleil" all but disappeared. In fact, the last mention of this program came in the Quidam 1998 programme and with it "The Friends of Cirque du Soleil" became nothing more than a memory.

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    What we would come to know as the TAPIS ROUGE experience started with Dralion as the "Dralion VIP Package" – a "new and exciting way to live the magic of Cirque du Soleil, before the show has even begun." The Dralion VIP Package offered not only top-quality food and service but also a "unique look inside the fantastical universe of Cirque du Soleil" in the intimate setting of the Lincoln-branded suite. "Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience!" the pitch implored, but what did the Dralion VIP package include?

    • Category 1 seat under the blue-and-yellow big top (section 101 or 102), one of the best seats in the house!
    • Complimentary preferred parking
    • Personalized will-call service and greeting by hosts
    • Access to the climate-controlled Lincoln Suite via an exclusive entrance, one hour before the show.
    • An array of gourmet hors d'oeuvres and a variety of refreshments
    • Beverages and an assortment of desserts during intermission
    • A closer look at Cirque provided by a unique exhibit
    • Priority purchase of Cirque du Soleil merchandise
    • Complimentary souvenir program, and
    • Exclusive Dralion gift (a lantern, and/or a CD)

    Dralion audiences in Santa Monica, California were the first to try out this new experience when the show opened there on September 23, 1999. It proved successful enough that the "VIP Experience" was extended to Cirque du Soleil's other touring shows at the time – Saltimbanco (as the "Saltimbanco VIP Experience") and Quidam (as the "Quidam VIP Experience") – as the tours at that time were sponsored by Lincoln. (The experience was not transferred to Alegria; it was ending its European Tour and was preparing to settle at the Beau Rivage.) The Lincoln VIP Experiences proved to be so popular that by the next touring show – 2002's VAREKAI – the concept was revamped. TAPIS ROUGE was born (trademark was filed April 17, 2002, published October 2, 2003, and finally registered on December 7, 2004). The "new" concept – now more Cirque-y than ever – proved to be an even bigger success, and it was replicated across all touring big top shows not long thereafter.

    The moniker TAPIS ROUGE was used to describe Cirque du Soleil's VIP experiences for the next 10 years. By mid-2012, the name was inexplicably changed to VIP ROUGE, which... makes absolutely no sense. As earlier defined, VIP is itself an acronym that means Very Important Personage; a person who is accorded special privileges due to their high social status, influence, importance, or in this case, someone able to afford the higher priced ticket. And "rouge", also mentioned earlier, is simply French for "red." So while the idea of a "red carpet" made sense as a name for Cirque du Soleil's VIP hospitality program, the new name – as translated to be VIP Red – did not. Confusion around the name Tapis Rouge may have contributed to the change (although the program was often billed as the VIP Tapis Rouge Experience, so there should not have been any confusion at all); its corporate sponsorship around the same time may also have contributed to the name change. Either way, the options with VIP Rouge were basically the same with regular upgrades in presentation over the years (new colors and whimsy in 2010, new "glass tent" in 2016, etc.)

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    On October 13, 2010, Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG) was proud to announce an exciting new experience by Cirque du Soleil that would include exclusive backstage experiences at The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage and "O" at Bellagio. The packages included a premium ticket and a special backstage tour for one of these Las Vegas production shows, creating an intimate experience for a select number of guests. The "Cirque Insider Access" package was available for select performances starting October 29th of that year and would be exclusively sold through and select retail partners of Entertainment Benefits Group.

    "We are thrilled to be partnering with Cirque du Soleil to allow fans to experience something so special and that has never been available before now," said Brett D. Reizen, President and CEO for Entertainment Benefits Group. "Cirque du Soleil is known throughout the world for creating some of the most beautiful and amazing experiences for their audiences. Now, with, we can take the audience even further into the creative world of Cirque du Soleil by giving customers an upfront and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at two of the most spectacular shows in the world."

    The "Cirque Insider Access" package allowed a limited number of guests each night to hear the history of the show's production, get a peek behind the scenes, receive a special Insider Access VIP lanyard, plus a special limited-edition bag with Cirque du Soleil merchandise items. Most importantly, guests would enjoy the show from special reserved seating from the best seats in the house and enjoy front-of-line concession passes. After the performances, guests who enjoyed The Beatles LOVE received special access with a Front-of-Line VIP Pass for Jet Nightclub at Mirage, while the guests that enjoyed "O" were given a Front-of-Line VIP Pass for Bank Nightclub at Bellagio. Special offers were also included for The Beatles REVOLUTION Lounge at Mirage and Caramel at Bellagio.

    The two programs at "O" and LOVE proved so successful that the experience was later extended to KÀ at MGM Grand. Here's how the three were then described:

      "O" AT BELLAGIO — This package offers you a performers' perspective as you enter their world, behind the curtain, under the water. Your tour will take you behind the stage, under the stage and through the costume areas, allowing you to take in all the extravagance, the surreal, and the unimaginable pieces that make "O" such a breathtaking creation. Learn about the complexities of maintaining such an elaborate production, the importance of bubbles, yes, bubbles, and even take a moment to relax in the green room among the performers. Some may even be in costume, make up and all! After your tour, you may pinch yourself to remember that you weren't dreaming; you did in fact face the unique props of "O" just moments ago. You did stand within mere feet of a famed Cirque du Soleil performer. And now the show is in full swing, everything you saw backstage comes to life on the "O" stage in one cohesive masterpiece.

      LOVE AT THE MIRAGE — Beatles fans, Cirque du Soleil fans, and newcomers to both are guaranteed to marvel at the spectacular production that is LOVE, but before being engulfed in an all too groovy and jaw-dropping performance, take an exclusive tour behind the scenes of LOVE to see how Cirque du Soleil is paying tribute to one greatest rock bands to date. Guided by a former Cirque du Soleil performer, you'll be transported back to the 60s as you boogie your way through props and costumes behind the stage, under the stage, and even above the stage… 52 feet above the stage, to be exact. Marvel at all the levers and pulleys, nooks and crannies that push and pull, drag, and drop props – all bringing the show to life. Venture through the gym and green room where you'll come face to face with some the performers. Some will be in costume and some will even have their make up on. Go on, it's perfectly okay to stare. Learn about some of LOVE's most interesting facts like the youngest performer in the show is 9 years old and played a Beatle. Their oldest performer was 76 and played Eleanor Rigby. Your once-in-a-lifetime experience doesn't end when the tour ends; your Cirque Insider Access package includes a premium ticket to see the show and with the best seats in the house, you'll have your breath taken away as all your newly found knowledge is put on display right in front of you.

      KA AT MGM GRAND — This Cirque Insider Access package is now available for guests who are looking for the ultimate, in-depth experience of Cirque du Soleil and the world-famous production "KA". Come witness one of Las Vegas' most popular shows with an exclusive and intimate backstage tour, premium center section seating, front-of-line access to the theater and concessions, exclusive Cirque du Soleil merchandise and much more! The backstage tour experience takes place the afternoon before the performance. Because of the nature of the production, artist training and stage preparation, tours may be modified or altered based on the date. The tour experience includes a full, behind-the-scenes tour with a very small group to observe the stages, cranes, show props and other surprises that will make this truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    But this was only the beginning of VIP experiences in Las Vegas.

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    While Tapis Rouge proliferated across Cirque's touring shows, VIP services at its resident shows lacked, until in 2008, when Tapis Rouge came to The Beatles LOVE. "LOVE Tapis Rouge invites you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes psychedelic journey," the release stated. "Take a contemporary virtual trip into the world of The Beatles LOVE, while immersed in the ultimate VIP sensory experience created by Cirque du Soleil!" Such as:

    • An exclusive reception before the show at REVOLUTION Lounge.
    • Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres inspired by The Beatles.
    • Delight in a uniquely-designed, festive, musical atmosphere.
    • Hosts with information about the show and The Beatles.
    • See a backstage video of the making of LOVE.
    • Pick up a specially-designed LOVE gift bag (w/souvenir program)
    • Then, experience LOVE itself, in preferred seating!
    • And after the show, enjoy REVOLUTION lounge through a VIP Entrance with no cover fees (valid for one week after seeing the show!) and one free drink!

    Tapis Rouge for LOVE began Thursday, June 26, 2008 at a cost of $295.00 USD (+ tax). A similar experience would eventually be ported over to "O", and later still to KA, just like the Cirque Insider packages. Success followed and by early 2014 upgrades to each began to appear. «O» was first by inviting guests to experience the show in ultimate comfort and luxury as it introduced seven new VIP suites to the theater at Bellagio.

    "Combining the grandeur of the Bellagio with the master creativity of "O" the seven exclusive box suites offer a unique opera-house style and feel," the press release said. "With the suites, guests have a choice of a bottle of champagne or wine, chocolate truffles, and aprivate cocktail server with a full range of ordering options from the show's concessions including popcorn, premium cocktails, chocolate-covered strawberries and more!" Formerly part of the lower balcony Loggia level, the new suites are complete with premium views of the stage overlooking the theater and are comprised of four plush seats each alongside a dedicated speaker system, crystal light fixtures, a private door for entry and soundproof drapery that separates the seven suites for privacy and can also be drawn back to accommodate parties larger than four. The VIP Suites at "O" mark the first-time Cirque du Soleil has combined a VIP seat with such detailed, personalized service. "We're very excited to bring an elevated level of VIP-service to ‘O' with our new suites," said John Byers, company manager of "O" at the time. "The VIP suites allow guests who have previously visited to see the show from an entirely new vantage point and for first-time customers to see the show in a magnificent manner."

    At launch the new VIP experience at "O" cost $295 per person ($335.45 with taxes and fees). Eventually, these experiences would be re-branded as "Le Grande Expérience" at «O» the Bellagio, "A Toast to LOVE" at The Mirage, the "KÀ Imperial Experience" at the MGM Grand, and by 2019, "In the Wings" at Mystère, Treasure Island, with a few more amenities, such as:

    LOVE: "Toast to LOVE"

    • Pre-Show Experience — Enjoy an amazing experience surrounded with LOVE's own artists, as they share their point of view and journey.
    • Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tour — Awestruck in wonder how the show comes to life minutes before the performance with a backstage tour. The narrated backstage tour features the history of The Beatles. The tour starts at 6:00pm.
    • Premium Seating — Enjoy the best seats in the house while watching an inspiring performance.
    • Remember the Moment — Receive a commemorative photograph in a lovely souvenir folio.

    KA: "VIP Imperial Experience"

    • Exclusivity — Enjoy a private entrance and early access to the VIP Lounge with a dedicated host to present fascinating historical and technical information about the show whilst you sip and nibble on a complimentary beverage and snack.
    • Backstage Tour — See props and costumes from the show right before they're used live on stage!
    • Meet & Greet — Rub elbows with some of our artists, and get to know the person behind the makeup, captured by a professional photographer.
    • Imperial Seating — Enjoy one of the best seats in the house in our elevated Imperial Experience box
    • Remember the Moment — Professional photos of your artists meet & greet are delivered to you in a lovely souvenir folio.

    «O»: "La Grande Experience"

    • Pre-show Reception — Enjoy an exciting pre-show reception with champagne and hors d'ourves as you relax in our private VIP room. Whilst waiting, get a sneak peak at "O" on an exclusive video.
    • Meet & Greet — Mingle with the performers before they take the stage.
    • Best Seats in the House — Enjoy our plush VIP seating accompanied with wine or champagne and private cocktail service.
    • Remember the Moment — Leave the show with champagne flutes and a commemorative photograph of your experience.

    Mystere: "In the Wings"

    • Pre-Show — Enjoy an exciting pre-show experience with cocktails.
    • Exclusive — Get early theater access to enjoy exclusive time with the artists, and participate in a high-five finale moment with the cast.
    • Meet & Greet — Meet with the cast of Mystère
    • Premium Seats — Enjoy a VIP seating and get a "in the Wings" view from the stage.
    • Champagne — Sip on a glass of champagne while enjoying the performance.
    • Remember the Moment — Receive a commemorative photograph


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    Eventually, Cirque du Soleil would expand beyond the Tapis Rouge hospitality experience to offer other up-charged, hard-ticketed events for big top tours, such as the "Premium Behind-the-Scenes Experience". The pitch: Have you ever wondered what goes on backstage at a Cirque du Soleil show? Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of being part of a creative production unlike any other? Here's your chance! Behind the Scenes offers you a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the secret world behind a Cirque du Soleil show. Along with a maximum of 20 guests, you will get an intimate view from a whole new perspective as this package grants you exclusive access before and after the show to production areas normally restricted to the general public. This private excursion also included:

    • Guided backstage visit for insights into life on tour.
    • Access to the best seats and to the VIP area for food and drinks
    • Meet & greet with artists after the show, including a Q&A session
    • Exclusive lanyard and show souvenir program

    "Don't miss your chance to get an insider's look at our fascinating universe and follow in the footsteps of artists and staff members who bring our creativity to the stage every day," the pitch concluded, and for those who had never had the opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes operations of a touring show, this provided that opportunity – though it was costly (prices fluctuated depending on city.) Behind the Scenes packages were applicable to select evening performances only and tours were only available in English except where specified. The tour started 90 minutes before show time at the Cirque du Soleil Box Office.

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    While Cirque du Soleil had given its Las Vegas shows the royal VIP treatment with not only sneak peeks at trainings (free) and behind-the-scenes tours during the day (paid ticket), it largely ignored its other resident show in North America – La Nouba – when it came to these up-charged events. That is until July 11, 2014, when a new backstage experience – called L'Experience – was put on offer for Friday and Saturday performances only. The $250 + tax package included:

    • A viewing of the 6pm show with front and center category seating
    • Souvenir popcorn and soft drinks
    • A Cirque du Soleil gift bag with merchandise
    • A meet and greet with a performer from the show
    • A look backstage at costuming and other areas, and…
    • 10% discount for use in the gift shop

    This experience actually grew out of a 2012 offering entitled "La Nouba: Dinner and a Show". This limited-time offer included dinner at House of Blues (1 appetizer, 1 entrée, 1 non-alcoholic/non-specialty drink and 1 dessert – gratuity not included), and a Category 2 ticket to "La Nouba". The package cost $99 plus tax, per guest age 10 and older, and $85 plus tax for guests age 3-9, for a savings of about 25% for adults. How about that.

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    How's that old saying go? Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? Bah who needs that! Are you looking to spice up your wedding just a bit? How about a Zumanity Wedding by Cirque du Soleil? Cirque began offering weddings at Zumanity at the beginning of 2016, and it is truly something special. "Your love is unique and extraordinary," the pamphlet begins. "At Zumanity, we not only understand but celebrate that!"

    Similar to the show, Zumanity weddings celebrate love in all forms, and this unforgettable ceremony will allow loved ones to bear witness to an exclusive, yet meaningful, commitment to marriage in an extraordinary way. Both true Zumanity fans and couples who dare to love boldly will enjoy the incorporation of Cirque du Soleil artists into their one-of-kind and never-before-offered experience. The celebration of love will begin with Edie, Zumanity’s ‘Mistress of Sensuality,’ performing the marriage ceremony inside the plush Zumanity Theatre Lobby, joined by two additional artists to escort the couple down the aisle. Following the unconventional nuptials, the newlyweds will rejoice in their special commitment with a sparkling wine toast and enjoy the cabaret-style show from VIP seating in the “Love Seat” sofas, getting the best view in the house of electrifying acrobats, soaring aerialists and lustful dancers. Couples will also receive a keepsake marriage certificate and a professional photo and video package offered by Cashman Photo that includes a dedicated photographer, high-resolution and web-resolution images, a high-definition video of the ceremony and a live webcast of the ceremony available for 30 days.

    Available to adults 18+, a Zumanity Wedding is a wedding experience that will leave everyone talking about the unexpectedly sexy and risqué way you chose to tie the knot!" Zumanity wedding packages start at $3,500 and include:

    • Intimate ceremony performed by our "Mistress of Sensuality, Edie" in the lobby of the Zumanity Theater.
    • Escort by two (2) Zumanity artists
    • Professional Photo/Video package by Cashman Photo:
      • Dedicated photographer
      • High resolution images for archiving and printing
      • Web resolution images for social media sharing
      • Online ordering of prints and photo products
      • A High Definition video of the ceremony
      • A live "webcast" of your ceremony with 30 days of replay
    • Keepsake Marriage Certificate + official certificate filing with the State of Nevada**
    • Sparkling Wine Toast (for participants age 21+)
    • 2 VIP Sofa Seats (Category A) for the happy couple to watch the show.

    Naturally there are some caveats, such as other Zumanity MCs will be substituted as necessary in case Edie is not available. And that parties to be married are responsible for obtaining an official Marriage License from the Clark County Marriage License Bureau and must present prior to the ceremony along with government-issue photo identification. (And that's because the "keepsake certificate" is for souvenir purposes only. If needed, the couple must request legal copy of the Marriage Certificate from the Clark County Clerk beginning up to 15 days post-ceremony.) Do all that and your Zumanity marriage will be legal and binding in the State of Nevada! (Note, weddings are held prior to the 7:00pm performance only. Not available on Wednesday or Thursdays.)

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    In 2015, Cirque du Soleil moved from the Big Top to the boardroom: As of October 1st, the Québec-based performance group began offering "SPARK Sessions" for VIP groups in the entertainment company's theatres, studios and training facilities in Las Vegas. Exclusive workshops custom-built for corporate groups, the sessions were designed to stimulate creativity, innovation, and synergy by harnessing Cirque du Soleil principles and best practices. "Our guests have always wanted to go behind the curtain at a Cirque du Soleil performance, and companies have been asking us for years how we manage to spark the creativity that you see on stage," said James Guilford, Creator and Content Strategist for SPARK at Cirque du Soleil. "SPARK Sessions are our way to bring people into the Cirque world while also creating some of the most interactive and educational teambuilding experiences right on stage. It's our hope that SPARK Sessions will ignite innovation, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and creativity in everyone who participates."

    Primarily, SPARK Sessions are designed to share the unique approaches Cirque du Soleil takes on creativity, branding, talent acquisition, and other topics relevant to top performing companies. Guilford says these sessions are a logical next step for Cirque du Soleil. "Cirque's dual identity as both a corporate entity and a contemporary circus requires us to employ nonconventional methods to solve challenges all modern businesses must face" explains Guilford. "By default, we have to think out of the box about things like talent acquisition – especially if the talent you want to acquire is an expert acro-contortionist."

    Offered exclusively to VIP groups and corporate teams, SPARK Sessions included out-of-the-box client events, employee incentive programs, and more. In 2015, when the program began, Cirque du Soleil offered two of these session types – Learning and Teambuilding – starting at $550 USD per person.

    Learning Sessions illustrated how Cirque du Soleil fueled innovation, maintained operational excellence, and nurtured creativity in employees. They included:

    • Journey – a tailor-made tour providing insights and sneak peeks
    • Forum – an interactive panel discussion staffed by Cirque experts
    • Flare – a demonstration of the theatre's technical abilities

    SPARK's teambuilding session, "Soar," challenged participants to build synergy by creating a cast of characters and building a performance with make-up, costuming and props in a unique Cirque du Soleil space. Outcomes included improved communication, collaboration and trust. This session included:

    • Formation – instruction in Cirque arts by artists and coaches
    • Exhibition – a live performance by the participants
    • Flash – a photo with characters in full costume and make-up

    By 2017, SPARK Sessions would expand into multi-tiered experiences. By then SPARK had hosted corporations like Google, Adobe, Home Depot, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, SABMiller, and Life Time Fitness to name a few. "Some of these top-performing companies came to use Cirque because we are uniquely positioned to speak on topics such as talent acquisition or dynamic customer experiences," says Guilford. "Think about it. The nature of our shows requires us to seek and invest in top talent. Moreover, since audiences come to Cirque for spectacle, we are tasked to deliver amazing CX every night." Kris Chanski, producer of Cirque Experiences adds, "We have many clients that come to Cirque seeking our signature wow-factor. Some use SPARK Experiences to reward their top-performing team members. Others want to provide out-of-the-box wow moment for their most valuable clients."

    With three different workshops—Teambuilding Sessions, Experiences, and Notes—SPARK was able to accommodate groups of all sizes, giving each participant a uniquely rewarding experience. "We like to think of it as Harvard Leadership Institute meets Alice in Wonderland," says Kris Chanski. These include:

    • SPARK Teambuilding Sessions (available for groups of 20 – 40 people) provided a teambuilding activity that included a meet-and-greet and photo op with Cirque du Soleil artists; gave instruction in Cirque arts by the company's world-class artists, coaches, and choreographers; and included a live performance on a Cirque du Soleil stage by the group with makeup, costumes, and props.

    • SPARK Experiences (available for groups of 50 – 300 people) provided a "wow moment" activity that included a meet-and-greet and photo op with Cirque du Soleil artists; contained a one-hour immersive experience including an interactive presentation of the theater's state-of-the-art technological abilities; and held discussions with the theater team on how they made the show come to life each night.

    • SPARK Notes (variable group size) offered a panel discussion brought directly to your Las Vegas meeting or conference space; gave an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from experts at the company; and had a dynamic closing act performed up close and personal by the artists of Cirque du Soleil.

    In addition, each participant – regardless of session type – also received a ticket to the show to see for themselves how Cirque du Soleil practiced what they preached. The 2017 edition of SPARK Experiences started at $275 per person whilst SPARK Sessions started at $950.Unfortunately, it does not appear that SPARK Sessions and Experiences lasted much beyond 2017. In 2018, the program's creator – James Guilford – left Cirque du Soleil and the program was quietly removed from the company's website.

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