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The Concept
The Decor


A Lavish Tribute to the King of Rock-and-Roll

Brought to life by a partnership with the legendary acrobatics troupe Cirque du Soleil and The Light Group, the Gold Lounge at the Aria was a must-see for Vegas visitors. A tribute to the rock-and-roll King, Gold Lounge was located right outside the Cirque du Soleil Viva Elvis theater. However, don’t expect to be assaulted with the usual cheesy Elvis memorabilia which decorates most Elvis themed establishments. GOLD was a class act ultra-lounge, giving tribute to the King by taking inspiration in its design and color palate from the Graceland mansion while exuding a sense of class and sophistication. Gold Lounge was a relaxing, socially and artistically stimulating environment which provided a great alternative to the louder nightclub venues found on The Strip. Clusters of comfortable chairs and couches were scattered throughout the 3,756 square foot space in a way that was designed to stimulate conversation among guests.  
Opened: December 16, 2009
Closed: May 10, 2015
Location: ARIA, Las Vegas

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    The name “Gold Lounge” is inspired by the color that was dominant in Elvis’ house and in his life. Elvis was also the first artist of his genre to receive Gold records for his songs. A great alternative to the pulsating vibe of a vibrant nightclub, GOLD Lounge allows its guests to enjoy cocktails in an unrivaled space that transports guest into a relaxing and unwinding state of mind complimented by the artistic and visually arresting scene all around.

    The Decor

    Inspired by Elvis Presley’s Graceland, the lounge’s modern décor consists of design patterns found within the various rooms of the rock ‘n’ roll legend’s Memphis mansion a black and gold color palate that exude sophistication and a sense of rich refinement that was conceptualized to capture the essense of Elvis in a 21st century, sultry design. Its long sleek bar (which has the same shape as the bar located in Elvis’ house in Graceland) and strategically positioned clusters of seating are designed to stimulate conversation and promote social interaction amongst all visitors.

    All walls, including the bar, railings and pillars, are covered in gold brass with a creative design pattern in each of the windows and circular salons. The venue is furnished with high-end Italian black leather furniture. The monkey wall panels allow a maximum of interaction and transparency with the exterior of the lounge. There are monkeys incorporated in the pattern of wall panels in reference to book holders in the shape of golden little monkeys in Elvis’ house. And in a nod to Elvis’ passion for horses, a life-size horse-shaped lamp welcomes guests at the entrance, in reference to an actual small lamp in the same shape that can be seen in his Graceland house and representing the stables in which Presley spent much of his time.

    The Retro Modern boutique lounge offers ARIA guests the ultimate spot to sip on hand-crafted cocktails and indulge in contemporary American appetizers before Cirque du Soleil’s Viva ELVIS production. Likewise, it’s an ideal late-night destination to party into the early morning hours while experiencing Las Vegas’ hottest DJs. The GOLD Lounge offers rich history housed within a modern design, and iced with premier service.

    The Entertainment

    The Gold Lounge is portrayed and designed as the place where Elvis would hang out after a show or while out on the town. Guests can enjoy the Gold Lounge for pre/post-show cocktails, after-dinner drinks and also for nighttime club parties. The Lounge features DJ entertainment; the music will change as the night progresses:

    • 5:00pm to 9:00pm (Viva ELVIS Show at 7:00pm)
      Upbeat Classic rock | Upbeat Elvis remixes, Gran Funk Railroad, Rolling Stones, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, KISS

    • 9:00pm to 10:00pm (second Viva ELVIS Show at 9:30pm)
      Music will begin to transition throughout the hour from Classic rock to more up-tempo very commercial House, Upbeat Elvis remixes, Junkie XL, Oakenfold, Madcon

    • 10:00pm to 11:00pm (Transition to Nightclub)
      DJ starts and begins to transition to Top 40; Audio Boys, pop

    • 11:00pm to 4:00am (Full Nightclub)
      Top 40 oriented, commercial, Minimal Hip Hop; Upbeat Elvis remixes

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