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Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Mediterranean Conference Centre

For the first time ever, Cirque du Soleil will present an exclusive and original live performance in Malta for the 40th anniversary of the Mediterranean Conference Centre in the historic city of Valletta.

Vitori mobilizes a cast of characters inspired by the pieces in the game of chess, the ultimate game of logic and rational thinking. Brimming with talent and torque, two teams go head to head on a huge chessboard, ready to wage a battle to the end. But when the golden King falls in love with the black Rook, he puts everything in the balance to get closer to his beloved, leaving his unsuspecting subjects in total disarray.

Dates: Nov 27 - Dec 20, 2019
Type: Special Event
Location: Valletta, Malta

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    As he bends over backwards to get closer to his love, the golden King - who happens to be a cello virtuoso—must deal with the onslaught of the opposing team led by a pretentious and narcissistic monarch and his fearsome queen. Surrounded by hilarious Bishops on roller-skates, Knights as bright as they are proud, obliging Pawns who can be manipulated at will, and a majestic Rook who is a master at pole dancing, will the golden King’s love be requited at last?

    • THE VENUE — This 16th century building, now the Mediterranean Conference Center, has long been one of Valletta's most remarkable landmarks. Its sheer size and scale, coupled with its conversion into a modern conference center in 1979, makes the MCC a modern architectural feat. Its restoration won international acclaim, collecting the coveted 'Europa Nostra' Award for it's impressive blending of traditional architecture with modern technology - becoming a rare example of a heritage building functioning to the demands of the 21st century. For the first time ever, the world famous Cirque du Soleil makes its debut in Malta to mark the 40th anniversary of this historical attraction with an original live performance.

    • MODERN DESIGN AND LIGHTING — The game of VITORI unfolds within a poetic, glossy, black and white world that is both contemporary and theatrical. An 'infinite' staircase enhances the stage's three-dimensional look and sense of depth, while a striking pattern of squares, replicating a multi-level chessboard, morphs into surreal fluid shapes as the Golden King's logic-defying moves wreak havoc within this orderly world. The strong, graphic, architectural lighting reveals a contemporary aesthetic, emphasized by the bold transition from monochrome to vivid colors as the story unfolds.

    • STUNNING COSTUMES — The noble characters of VITORI stem from a vision of the game of chess that is more prism than lens. The stylishly extravagant costumes feature geometric lines and shapes with an added touch of folly and whimsy. Some of the costumes have sizable extensions such as geometrical horse heads worn by the distinguished Knights. At first predominantly black and gold, the costumes transition to vivid colors as the show progresses. Some of the attire in VITORI would not be out of place in an avant-garde fashion show including the stunning black samurai outfit worn by the Black Queen, or the black crinoline dress donned by the Black Rook.

    • POWERFUL MUSIC — VITORI is driven by a rhythmical, modern score with deep electronic undertones. Strings are at the fore throughout as the Golden King leads the charge with his spirited cello playing. The soundtrack is interspersed with soaring melodies, driven by the soulful voice of the Black Rook, the object of the Golden King's desire.

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    Creative Team

    • Executive Producer — Yasmine Khalil
    • Executive Director, Creation — Daniel Fortin
    • Show Director — Geneviève Dorion-Coupal
    • Creative Lead — Julie Gastonguay
    • Lighting Designer — Mikki Kuntu
    • Costume Designer — Sébastien Dionne

    Acts / Music

    • Opening/Russian Bar — "Kings Court"
    • Interlude — "Sages Guerriers"
    • Slackwire — "Shine On"
    • Roller Skate Duo — "Full Speed Ahead" from Reflekt
    • Interlude — "Inverted Gravity" from Scalada: Stellar
    • Vertical Rope Duo on Pulleys* — "New World" by The Irrepressibles
    • Flags — "The Citizens" from Scalada: Stellar
    • Pole — "Burn" from Reflekt
    • High Wire — "The World Above" from Scalada: Stellar
    • Duo Adagio — "Call Upon The King"
    • Aerial Silk — "Black Queen"
    • Banquine — "Motion of Sound" from SONOR
    • Piano Interlude / Duo Aerial Strap — "Adieu"
                      (inspired by "Don't Be Afraid" from KOOZA)
    • Finale and Bows — "Come on Let's Feel It"
    • Hand-to-Hand [*Backup] — "New World" by The Irrepressibles

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