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Awaken the Serpent!

On June 14, 2008, "The Awakening of the Serpent", a parade imagined and conceived by the Cirque du Soleil Events team working under Jean-François Bouchard's creative supervision, made its debut at Expo Zaragoza 2008. This very special pageant, an inspired allegory touching on the themes of rain and water, employed 82 performers (one musician - a didgeridoo - and two live singers) around a serpet-shaped, water- themed float close to 30 meters long.

The poetry of the parade and its amazing acrobatic performances, was presented daily at 12:30pm on site through September 14th, ran for 75-80 minutes, went 1.3 kilometers, and was under the artistic direction of Julien Gabriel. By the end of the expo, "Awakening of the Serpent" was showcased 90 times to over two million spectators.

Premiere: June 14, 2008
Type: Parade
Location: Expo 2008: Zargoza

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    • Unknown Song — Parade
    • Unknown Song — Parade
    • Unknown Song — Parade
    • Anneaux (from Corteo) — Cyr Wheel
    • Unknown Song — Parade
    • Kèro Hiréyo (from Varekai) — Juggling
    • Unknown Song — Parade
    • Oscillum (from Varekai) — Hoops (female artist)
    • Unknown Song — Parade
    • Jeux d’Eau (from O) — Handbalancing
    • Kèro Hiréyo (from Varekai) — Russian Bar
    • El Péndulo (from Varekai) — Duo Adagio
    • Cold Flame (from Delirium) — Hoops (male artist)
    • Unknown Song — Parade
    • Pokinoï (from Saltimbanco) — Aerial Silk
    • Unknown Song — Parade Finale

    Additional acts were performed during the parade sequences, such as B-Boy, Manipulation, Acrosport, Diabolo, Stilts, Globe Walking, Crossed Wheel and Dance.


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