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in Blue

Creative Team


When a fisherman casts his net, he encounters a beluga who invites
him to see life from the water. At the same time, a young mermaid
discovers the sea in all its beauty... and all its dangers.

This tribute to the importance of water in our lives invites a fisherman to see what life is like from the water, showcasing incredible athletic and artistic expression; Reflections in Blue - a unique and magical opening ceremony event developed exclusively for the opening ceremonies of the XI FINA World Championships in Montréal, which took place from July 17th through 31st. On this very special evening the swimming pool was transformed into a fantastic aquatic universe. Spectators were taken to a place where reality meets fantasy as the rites, myths and richness of the sea are interpreted in Cirque’s own special way. But alas, as the opening ceremonies came to an end, so did Reflections in Blue… never to be seen again.

"Our goal," explained Lyn Heward, "[was] to recall the rituals and myths that have grown around water, and to showcase their richness. While in 'O' we touch on two of the disciplines featured in competition at the championships (synchronized swimming and diving), we've never worked with swimming or water polo. But here, all four disciplines are represented."

Date: July 16, 2005
Type: Special Event
Location: Montreal, QC

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    A series of tableaux taking place in, on and above water will follow the fisherman and the mermaid through their discovery of water. "We’ll see the element from its own point of view," explained Lyn, "and not from a human one."

    The Water Tree is where Reflections in Blue begins. It represents the essence of life... in the water. As you took your seat you will notice reflections of the scene before you projected onto the giant screen and you will gradually realize that you have become immersed in an exotic underwater world. Then the sun rises, bathing the scene in warm yellow light as its rays penetrate the water bowl to reveal a beautiful adolescent girl. She frolics and dances in her small universe, the only world she has ever known. She jumps out and looks around then dives right back in. But she soon begins to feel too confined in her bowl... This highly original vision gave us, among other things, the following scenes:

    • The dream of walking on water (a tightwire stretched over the water);
    • Playing in the water (a water polo game between aquatic creatures!);
    • The seduction of water (a contortion act under the midnight sun);
    • The sensuality of water (bungee presented as diving);
    • A final act where swimmers will embody schools of fish.

    Nearly 150 members of Montreal aquatic sports teams performed in the show, in addition to ten artists from other disciplines, including tightwire and bungee. The athletes from the 170 participating countries were also greeted with a Cirque du Soleil touch. Would you be surprised to know during the parade of athletes they were walking on water?

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      Sébastien Allard, Sam Alvarez, Zorigtkhuyag Bolormaa, Eliane Bonin, Mason Davis, Delly Di Lauro, Sébastien Duval, Chantale Gallant, Akian Guadette, Manon Gautheir, Charlyne Guay, Reda Guérinik, Ronnie Le Grand, Isabelle Michon-Campbell, Isabela Moraes, Carolina Moraes, Patrick Paquette, Didier Pasquette, Laurence Racine-Choinière, Karl Sanft, Stéphane Verdie, and Anatoly Zalievsky, along with 200 volunteers.

    Creative Team

         Lyn Heward                  Director of Creation &
                                         Executive Producer
         Bob Whelan                  Production Manager
         Guy Caron                   Director
         Fernand Rainville           Assistant to the Director
         Jean-François Bouchard      Set Designer
         François Barbeau            Costume Designer
         Denise Sauvé                Choreography
         Debbie Brown                Choreography
         Martin Lord-Ferguson        Music Arranger
         Jacques Paquin              Acrobatic Rigging Designer
         Steve Dubuc                 Technical Director
         Éric Villeneuve             Projection Designer
         Alain Lortie                Lighting Designer
         Harvey Robitaille           Sound Designer
         Eleni Uranis		         Makeup Designer
         Michael Curry		         Puppet Designer
         Patricia Ruel		         Props Designer

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