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A fairytale aquatic evening show from Cirque du Soleil

45 DEGREES and Futuroscope officially unveiled La Forge aux étoiles on April 9 in Poitiers, France. The two-year project gave Futuroscope and 45 DEGREES the opportunity to co-imagine a very unique show, each drawing inspiration from the other's expertise. By combining the best of technology and creativity, Futuroscope and 45 DEGREES have brewed up a deeply artistic performance that offers a rare visual and emotional experience.

"We are so excited to be working with Futuroscope to offer a brand new experience that combines visual and audio technology with water. The park was an amazing laboratory for concocting new sensations," explained Yasmine Khalil, president of 45 DEGREES. "To reinvent Futuroscope's nighttime show, we set ourselves an unprecedented challenge: to create a unique story that uses a wide array of varied technologies as narrative vectors."

Premiere: April 9, 2016
Type: Theme Park Show
Location: Poitiers, France
Finale: December 23, 2020

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    November 13, 2015 -- 45 DEGREES and the Futuroscope are proud to announce a joint project to create a new evening show entitled 'La Forge aux étoiles', an aquatic fairytale from the creators of Cirque du Soleil! The show will be performed on a 7,000 square-meter outdoor stage "through a system of laser projections, water fountains, fireworks, and fire." It is scheduled to open in 2016, play 250 times a year, and run for "four to five years" at the park. "This collaboration will allow us to pool and share the creative spirit that drives us in creating extraordinary visual experiences, issues of marriage between technology and art," said Dominique Hummel, CEO of Futuroscope "Approaching our 30th anniversary, this new creation is intended as a gift to our visitors inviting them in a magical universe and unrivaled and unique dream world," he added.

    In the coming months, the team of 45 DEGREES, the company of special projects of Cirque du Soleil, will thus take ownership of the 7000 m² of aquatic scene Futuroscope. "We are excited to work with the Futuroscope to offer a new experience, combining visual and sound technology with water. The night show is custom designed for the Futuroscope, by the creative team of Cirque du Soleil. The Park is an outstanding laboratory for us to develop new visual sensations," says Yasmine Khalil, President of 45 DEGREES. This is a panel of visual, water and pyrotechnic effects that merge in the next night show Futuroscope. In a constellation of poetic paintings he will invite young and old to become the privileged witnesses of the friendship between a young girl and a real cosmic giant with feet on the ground and head in the stars. By adding the talent, increased creativity and expertise internationally renowned Cirque du Soleil, Futuroscope reaffirms its willingness to partner with its development talent of big names in the art world, by providing a framework and unprecedented technological jewel.

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    With La Forge aux étoiles, 45 DEGREES is pushing back the limits of creativity by exploring a brand new form of expression, which takes place in the interaction between a multitude of different technologies and a single human being on a stage, telling the story of La Forge aux étoiles. Five characters, projected on a series of screens up to 35 m tall, will interact with a character in the pool. The entire set is nearly 7000 m². The work focused in particular on the change of scale, reflecting the scope of humankind's dreams in comparison to our physical selves, and on creating a believable interaction between a virtual giant and a young actress playing in the Futuroscope pond.


    Over a 7000-m² lake, a big-bang of visual, aquatic and pryotechnical effects merge to bring forth this aquatic fairytale for the entire family. In a constellation of poetic vignettes, La Forge aux étoiles invites young and old alike to witness first-hand the friendship between a human girl and a cosmic giant with his feet on Earth and his head in the stars.

    Technical Stats

    Set Design

    • A 28 ton permanent aluminum and stainless steel set
    • Set consists of 157 facets, covering 270 square-meters
    • An additional projection surface of 450 square-meters is deployed during the show
    • The projection surface stands 35 meters high
    • 3 automated and synchronized decor elements during the show
    • A rail and an underwater mechanical arm to activate the 2CV and the moon
    • A new infrabasse sound system

    Water & Image

    • In total, 10 video projectors that generate 205,000 lumens distributed over 14 million pixels, equivalent to 7 HD on:
    • 3 water screens and a water curtain of 180 square-meters, 20 meters in height with a projection surface of 900 square-meters on the water
    • Automated water fountains: 100 jets including 40 moving jets
    • 600 nozzles capable of generating 300 cubic meters of fog in seconds


    • A total of 500 water projectors, including:
    • A constellation of 300 individually controllable light points distributed over the entire basin
    • 22 moving lights
    • 5 lasers of 10 watts

    Fire & Fireworks

    • 20 devices that trigger flames during the show
    • Standing pyrotechnic triggering system
    • A pyrotechnic fresco of 50 meters wide and 40 meters high on two levels
    • 120 firings perfectly synchronized with music

    Creative Team

        Daniel Fortin – Executive Director, Creation
        Bastien Alexandre – Director and Show Designer
        Vincent Pasquier – Multimedia Designer and Director, Infrastructure
        Maxime Lepage – Music
        Eric Noguès – Set Designer
        Thibaut Duverneix – Director, Video Content
        Yso Southdara – Costumes
        Michel Amann – Fountains and Fireworks
        Claude Lifante – Lasers
        Nicolas Brion – Lighting
        Jean-Michel Caron – Sound and Sound Effects
        Julie Perron and Manon Beaudoin – Choreography and Acting
        Mourad Bennace – DJ Galaxie Music

    Song List

        Le Géant
        Voyage dans la Galaxie
        DJ Galaxie
        Voyage vers le Vide
        Vide du Bouvier
        Voyage vers Andromède
        Le Trou Noir
        Retour sur Terre
        La Forge aux Étoiles

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