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Made of Snow! Made in Russia!

On October 15, 2015, seemingly out of the blue, Cirque du Soleil and 45 DEGREES announced a new winter-themed show specifically for the Russian market - JOEL. This event, created exclusively for Cirque du Soleil Rus, brought together 22 artsts from around the world. JOEL revisited and justaposed different Russian traditions to create a festive family show with a little bling.

The show was under the direction of Fernand Rainville and a team at 45 Degrees events. Fernand Rainville, you may remember, was also responsible for the artistic direction of the opening ceremonies of the Outgames at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium in 2006 (“Circle”), he was co-director for the opening ceremony of the Montreal 2005 – XI FINA World Championships (“Reflections in Blue”), Director of the Cirque du Soleil pre-game show at the 2007 Miami Superbowl (“One Day, One Game, One Dream”), as well as Director of Creation on both Wintuk and Amaluna.

Premiere: January 2, 2016
Type: Theater Show
Location: Barvikha Village
Finale: January 10, 2016
Status: Special Event

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    Pronounced "yule", JOEL is inspired by the traditions of the Russian New Year and follows the Snow Maiden in a snow-shrouded, enchanting world where a myriad of cooler stars will point her way to finding love. Imagine a bustling metropolis a few hours before the New Year; the incessant hustle and bustle; glittering lights in windows; singing all over the city; pedestrians hurrying in all directions; and huge traffic jams holding everyone at bay. This is not a populace who believes in the miracle of winter any longer, these people are lost! And for many years they've seen Father Christmas as someone in the next room absently fiddling with a false beard, but not her... not the Snow Maiden. Fascinating beautiful, brave and stylish, this evening The Maiden hurries home and is resolutely rushing on the snowy street, when she stumbles on one of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Snow. He stretches out his hand to this young beauty on this New Year’s Eve and opens the door to the incredible world of JOEL.



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    Creative Team


    Acts / Music

    • Opening — Unknown
    • Aerial Rola Bola — "Pokinoï (Sasha Remix)" (from Saltimbanco)
    • Interlude — Unknown
    • Aerial Hoop — "Hypnotique" (from Kurios)
    • Interlude — "Diables" (from Koozå)
    • Clown — "Petit-Jaune" (from Koozå)
    • Duo Unicycle Duet — "Monde Inversé" (from Kurios)
    • Interlude — Unknown
    • Teeterboard — "Tzelma" (from «O»)
    • Clown — Petit-Jaune (from Koozå)
    • Acrobatic Ladder — "Mutation" (from Amaluna)
    • Interlude — "Diables" (from Koozå)
    • Aerial Strap Solo — "Departure" (from Kurios)
    • Interlude — "Monde Inversé" (from Kurios)
    • Diabolo — "Steampunk Telegram" (from Kurios)
    • Interlude — "Diables" (from Koozå)
    • Aerial Crossed Wheel — "Jeux d'eau" (from «O»)
    • Dance Interlude — Unknown
    • Hand Balancing — "Patterns" (from IRIS)
    • Trampo Wall — "Nam Né" (from Les Chemins Invisibles III)
    • Hula Hoop — "Fearsome Flight" (from Kurios)
    • Festive Dance — Unknown
    • Finale — "Finale" (from Les Chemins Invisibles III)

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