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Halifax G7



"One of the Rarest Special Events by Cirque du Soleil!"

In 1995, The Canadian Government asked Cirque du Soleil to create a special production to display to the dignitaries attending the G7-Summit in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Unable to pass up such an exciting opportunity, Cirque constructed a show based on three of their existing creations: Alegría, Saltimbanco and Mystère (with Benoit Jutras creating new music for the occasion - sung by Laur Fugere). Their splash of folly created an interesting piece that only representatives from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan saw. Cirque's imagination blended well with the theme of that years' summit, which lasted just
three days (6/15/95 - 6/17/95) -- magic.
Date: June 15 - June 17, 1995
Type: Special Event
Location: Halifax, NS

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    In the show, Spectators discover there's magic inside of us all and we must learn to set it free. Doing so has never been more important. In order to do so, the performers trigger the encounter of two drastically different words: Imagination, the kingdom of fantasies, and Everyday Life, a land of limited horizons.

    In fantasy land, the King of Fools (Marc Proulx) greets the Socials, who are ordinary people. In the circus ring, which is the heart of Imagination's power, the socials are transformed into acrobats, setting free the courage and madness found within each one of us. In a colourful whirl of world-class performances, all these characters share with the audience the magic of the fantastic universe of the circus. Accompanied by the Queen of the Night, the King of Fools opens the door to his imaginary world. Together, they change Everyday Life into a magical and festive universe.

    Amused by everything, the King of Fools surprises everyone with his drive, energy and adaptability. The Queen of the Night is an accomplice of the King of Fools and just as mischievous. She creates the dream. Under her authority, the Socials are transformed one-by-one into amazing acrobats. The Ringmaster is a character of great distinction who rules the ring. However, his authority is not always sufficient to get things done his way but together, they change the Everyday World into a festival of color and dance.

    The cast included:

    • The Company -- Prologue
    • Elena Andreevna Lev -- Hoops
    • James Keylon -- Mime
    • Nicky Dewhurst -- Wire-walking
    • Lawrence and Samuel Tetreault -- Hand to Hand
    • Francine Cote and James Keylon -- Clowns
    • Karyne and Sarah Steben -- Trapeze Duo
    • The Company -- Bicycle
    • The Company -- Charivari

    The Halifax performance is one of the rarest by Cirque du Soleil due to its limited audience, the era it was performed in, and the limited number of performances done - just one per day:

  1. June 14, 1995:
    Show Began at 8:00pm - Public Performance. Tickets were $22.00(adults) and $10.00(children)

  2. June 15, 1995:
    Show Began at 2:00pm - Special Performance for Junior High School Students

  3. June 16, 1995:
    Show Began at 9:30pm - Staged for Summit leaders, delegates. Hosted by Canadian Prime Minister.

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