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From a ghostly past to a festive future!

Following a nearly 17-month intermission, Cirque du Soleil is back in Malta for a second year, thrilled to present a new creation to local fans and guests. The event, which features the same signature style acrobatics and visual artistry that fans worldwide have come to expect and appreciate, is tailored for Malta, celebrating the country's singular cultural diversity and history.

FIERI is an uplifting journey inspired by the cultural roots of Malta. A rallying tale of resilience from the heart of the Mediterranean, the show is a modern take on the unifying spirit of the Maltese archipelago. Featuring the same signature style acrobatics and visual artistry that Cirque du Soleil fans worldwide have come to expect and appreciate, the show weaves a shining, contemporary mosaic inspired by the jewel of the sea.

Dates: Nov 25 - Dec 19, 2021
Type: Special Event
Location: Valletta, Malta

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    When Jiffy, a young festival goer and an orphan of British descent, steps inside a theater along with the other patrons, she awakens a group of modern-looking ghosts who live within its walls. They immediately recognize her as kin and beckon her to come on stage, whisking her away through Malta's cultural past and gradually revealing her true identity. The sense of belonging that slowly fills her heart feels like a long-awaited homecoming. Through Jiffy's myriad encounters that form the continuum of her family lineage and mirror the multicultural makeup of the archipelago, she ultimately realizes that she too is a descendant of Malta who has returned to her roots at last.

    • VISUAL SPLENDORS — The visual world of the show is a modern take on the fashion and architecture of Malta. The set evokes a mysterious, funky fashion museum that comes alive to embrace the many textures of past eras while celebrating the festive future of the archipelago. The fusion of past and future captures the unifying, forward-looking vibe of Malta that has shaped the Maltese cultural identity. Malta tells the story of the Mediterranean in grand castles, palazzos and forts that have welcomed the film crews of several blockbuster movies including Game of Thrones. The set of FIERI makes countless visual references to the architecture of the Maltese capital Valetta and its magnificent church St.John's Co-Cathedral, including the church's breathtaking tiled floor.

    • MOSAIC METAPHOR — The eight tableaux, one for each of the eight spikes on the Maltese cross, represent milestones in the archipelago's history as well as the outside cultures that have left their mark on the republic. FIERI is an ode to the resilience, generosity and sovereignty of Malta and its people. Inhabited since around 5900 B.C., the country has been ruled over the centuries by numerous powers including the Romans, the Arabs, the Knights of St. John, the French and the British. The identity of Malta reflects the various cultures that have left their mark on the Maltese islands until the republic's independence in 1964.

    • THE VENUE — This 16th century building, now the Mediterranean Conference Center, has long been one of Valletta's most remarkable landmarks. The sheer size and scale of the building coupled with its conversion into a modern conference center in 1979 makes the MCC such an impressive architectural feat today. The restoration has garnered international acclaim and was acclaimed and was awarded the coveted 'Europa Nostra' Award for its successful blending of historic architecture with modern technology - a rare example of heritage building functioning to the exacting demands of the 21st century.

    • STUNNING COSTUMES — Signature elements embroidered onto the costumes and integrated within the set - including details of the individual titles of the cathedral, each one covering the tomb of a knight in the real version - from rich cultural mosaic that hints to the presence of Spain, the Roman Empire, the Napoleonic era and Great Britain, among others. All these cultural influences work in unison in Malta to form a unique, multifaceted cultural identity. Jiffy's costume, for instance, evokes the Napoleonic era with a modern twist and punky undertones. As the tableaux unfolds, she collects charms from various characters - from the Maltese cross to the cockade on Napoleon's hat. The costume of the characters in Sulalat Hakima tableau contains nods to the Aghlabid dynasty reflecting Jiffy's Arab lineage.

    • ACROBATIC PERFORMANCE — Our Cirque du Soleil artists bring the story of this modern tale to life. The show propose a high-octane mix of disciplines, from hoverboards to Spanish Webs, Cyr Wheel to Icarian Games, hand-to hand to bungee trapeze and hand balancing., all the way to Tournik (an apparatus that marries horizontal bar technique with circus arts) and dance.

    • POWERFUL MUSIC — The transition from ghostly past to festive future is driven by the show's musical score - a mix of multilayered, indie - rock - infused songs and uplifting grunge melodies. The all-females band includes three musicians (drums, violin, guitar) and two singer (Imperia, who represents the past, and Mozaïa, the future), in whom Jiffy recognize her long-lost Maltese roots.

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    Creative Team

    • Writer & Stage Director — Jean-Guy Legault
    • Creative Director — Chantal Tremblay
    • Set Designer — Guillaume Lord
    • Musical Direction and Arrangements — Emmanuel Alias
    • Lighting Designer — Étienne Boucher
    • Costume Designer — Sebastien Dionne
    • Makeup & Hair Designer — Audrey Toulouse
    • Props Designer — Alain Jenkins
    • Acrobatic Designer — Emilie Therrien
    • Assistant Stage Director — Emilie Therrien
    • Chorégraphe — Vincent Desjardins
    • Sound Designer — Jean-Michel Caron
    • Acrobatic Coach — Pierre Ruel
    • Staging Assistant — Yves St-Pierre
    • LX Assistant — Julien Blais Savoie
    • Assistant Makeup & Hair Designer — Heidi Doucet
    • Acrobatic Designer & Staging Assistant — Emilie Therrien
    • Assistant Costume Designer — Géraldine Rondeau
    • Assistant Costume Designer — Stéphanie Cleroux

    Acts / Music

    • Opening / Aerial Lamp / Spanish Webs — "Romain Imperium"
    • Trapeze Duo — "French Regime"
    • Cyr Wheel — "Enlightening Spirit"
    • Hula Hoop / Hair Suspension — "Sulalat Hakma"
    • Solo Aerial Hoop, Icarian Games — "Spanish Legado"
    • Hand Balancing, Tournik — "Joy in the City" (from Reflet), "British Reign"
    • Dance — "British Reign Dance"
    • Interlude — "Prendersi per mano" (from Corteo)
    • Hand to Hand Duo — "Italian Perla"
    • Bungee, Inverted Walk, Trapeze, Finale, Final - "Sovranita"

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