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You are invited to our imaginary hotel deep in the heart of the mountains...

You are invited to our imaginary hotel deep in the heart of the mountains; a wonderful place where a celebration is waiting for you that won’t fail to move you. FESTA, the new show from Cirque du Soleil in Andorra, will include surprising acrobatics, dream-like stage design and an endless party atmosphere.

The festive story opens with the hotel concierge, an endearingly eccentric character who is taking a nap on his lunch break and dreaming of love. With their boss distracted, the hotel staff get busy planning a surprise party to mark the hotel’s 10-year anniversary.

Suddenly, a loud horn wakes the concierge from his slumber as a group of enthusiastic vacationers burst into the hotel. Their arrival kicks off a colourful and chaotic adventure, with the hotel team and guests coming together in a feel-good celebration of friendship, life and love.

With celebratory storytelling, colourful characters and epic acrobatics, FESTA will draw you into a world with no limits and leave you feeling uplifted like never before.

Dates: July 1, 2023 - July 30, 2023
Type: Special Event
Location: Andorra

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    • THE STAGE — The set design centres around a grand and luxurious hotel lobby. A bustling place where staff and guests are constantly passing through but that remains warm and inviting. The intention is to create a welcoming and enveloping space, playing with the architecture and light to draw audiences into the story. The set design crew constructed a grandiose wall that mirrors the majestic mountains and landscape of Andorra.

    • THE MUSIC — FESTA features musical compositions from some of Cirque du Soleil’s most celebrated shows and acts, reworked and remastered to give them a fresh new twist while respecting their original essence. The result is a soundtrack that is both contemporary and classic Cirque du Soleil. The sound universe features classical instruments and a symphony orchestra to give a warm, organic feel, seamlessly combined with modern electronic sounds using synthesizer ensembles. The intention behind the music was to create a soundtrack that supports the fun and celebratory energy of the show. Drawing inspiration from a mix of festive and contemplative sounds, the score delivers a captivating and memorable musical experience.

    • COSTUMES — The vision behind the 20 costume design was to create an elegant and fashionable aesthetic but without being too perfect. Each concept and piece features a slight imperfection to represent the authenticity and humanity of the characters. The goal is to create a strong and beautiful but still believable visual identity and universe. The aesthetic is intentionally theatrical rather than editorial to give the costumes a signature circus look and feel. The idea behind the costumes for the concierge and hotel staff was to create classic uniforms with a fun and playful twist, with a bold colour palette and striped pattern creating a sense of cohesiveness.

      • The Concierge: We first meet the concierge as he’s taking a nap on his break and dreaming of love. He’s moved beyond words with the love he feels when the hotel staff and guests come together to celebrate the hotel’s 10-year anniversary—and his role in making FESTA such a magical and memorable place.
      • The Hotel Staff: Overwhelmed at first, the hotel staff rallies to show their guests a warm welcome and make sure they’re entertained. Joyful and dynamic, the hotel staff and guests come alive to the rhythm of the music, filled with fond memories as they say goodbye in a spectacular finale.
      • The Vacationers: The moment the vacationers arrive at FESTA, the hotel comes alive with energy and excitement. This dynamic group is made up of colourful characters with diverse personalities, united in their mission to make this the trip of a lifetime. Enchanted by the magic of FESTA and the bonds they weave between them, the vacationers get to witness the love showered on the concierge and be a part of this special day of celebration.

    • ACROBATICS — The fun and whimsical world of FESTA is brought to life with mesmerizing performances by multidisciplinary artists from around the globe. Prepare to be wowed with original acrobatic feats, along with fresh spins on some of Cirque du Soleil’s most iconic acts.

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    Creative Team

    • Stefan Miljevic — Director of Creation
    • Oriol Tomas — Show Director
    • Edesia Moreno Barata — Acrobatic Performance Designer
    • Edesia Moreno Barata — Assistant Stage Director
    • Simon Guilbault — Set Designer
    • Audrey Toulouse — Make-up and Hair Designer
    • Marianne Benny Perron — Props Designer
    • Sebastien Dionne — Costume Designer
    • Eric Champoux — Lighting Designer
    • Antoine Seychal — Musical Arranger

    Acts / Music

    • Opening
    • Acro Lamp — "Querer" from Alegria In A New Light
    • Juggling and Chair Balancing — "11h11" from Kurios
    • Aerial Cart — "Pokinoi" from Saltimbanco
    • Clown
    • Interlude — "La Nouba" from La Nouba
    • Hoop Diving — "Comedy of Errors" from Joya
    • Interlude — "Secret Samba Luv" from OVO
    • Clown
    • Wheel of Death — "Diables" from Kooza / "Urban" from La Nouba
    • Rola Bola — "Incantation" from Quidam / "À La Lune" from La Nouba
    • Interlude — "Jeux d’Enfants" from Alegria
    • Acro Table — "Jonglerie" from Corteo
    • Interlude — "Triangle Tango" from Corteo
    • Duo Dance Trapeze — "Let Me Fall" from Quidam
    • Trampo Wall — "Circus" from Quidam
    • Skipping Ropes — "Nuevo Era" from Joya
    • Finale — "Fiesta Finale" from Luzia

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