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A Celebration of the Magnetic Force of Love

For the third year, Cirque du Soleil is honoured and thrilled to present a brand-new creation for locals and tourists alike. "It is a great privilege for us to imagine a story and craft a show that will resonate with a wide audience, wherever they come from and whatever background they have. AMORA is about the power of love. Packed with colourful characters and high-calibre acrobatics, the show is a love letter to the b eauty of Malta and a celebration of circus arts. We’ve carefully curated the 12 acrobatic acts composing the show, all of them never seen before in Malta." explained s how director Alexia Bürger.

"Cirque du Soleil has become a yearly awaited event in Malta’s cultural calendar. From signature style acrobatics to visual artistry, both foreign and domestic tourists will have the opportunity to see high-level artists produce a memorable spectacle for another year," remarked Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo.

AMORA by Cirque du Soleil is a celebration of the magnetic force of love, it speaks to the central love story between Bruno and Loulou. At the same time, it is a love letter to the beauty and richness of Malta, and to the circus arts. The story centres around a clumsy but lovable character, Bruno. Gazing up at the skies of La Valette, he sets eyes on a mysterious woman, Loulou. Captivated, he tries to climb up to her balcony to reach her, but she flies away and vanishes out of sight.

Dates: Nov 24 - Dec 18, 2022
Type: Special Event
Location: Valletta, Malta

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    AMORA invites you to wander the whimsical and wonderfilled world of La Valette, where the streets come alive with heart-racing acrobatics, curious characters and the contagious power of love. Cirque chose this name because it perfectly captures the spirit, energy and theme of the show. A celebration of the magnetic force of love, it speaks to the central love story between Bruno and Loulou. At the same time, it is a love letter to the beauty and richness of Malta, and to the circus arts. Easy to understand and pronounce in any language, AMORA is theatrical, catchy and memorable—just like the show itself.

    The story centers around a clumsy but lovable character, Bruno. Gazing up to the skies of La Valette, he sets eyes on a mysterious woman, Loulou. Captivated, he tries to climb up to her balcony to reach her... but she flies away and vanishes out of sight. Bruno's obsession to find Loulou grows as the story unfolds. He sets out on a quest to find her, meeting colorful new friends with extraordinary power along the way. These characters will teach Bruno how to defy gravity and reach the sky to unite with the woman he loves. Despite Bruno's clumsiness and many challenges along the way, love ultimately conquers all, and the entire city comes together in celebration as he finds his way to Loulou's heart.

    Get ready for a high-caliber curation of acrobatics acts bringing multiple disciplines to life. From daring solos to drizzling group performance, each act takes the characters, and the audience's imaginations, to new heights. In typical Cirque du Soleil style, expect to be amazed with acrobatics feats never seen before in Malta. Unexpected and unforgettable performances reflecting the fragility of life's balance, the strength of the human spirit and the irresistible power of love.

    • SET DESIGN — Falling in love at first sight changes the way we see the world. Everything appears more vivid, alive and full of color. AMORA's set designers fell in love at first sight with Malta, moved and inspired by the cobbled streets, historical facades and intriguing windows in Valetta's Old Town. The set brings the festive and colorful energy of the streets of La Valetta to life, with space unfolding in time with the main character's journey and imagination. The city transforms into a place of magic, where dresses hanging from the clotheslines cartwheel, bedsheets become ladders than climb up to the sky, and everyday objects dance in collective celebration.”

    • MUSIC — The show's celebratory and energetic soundscapes are inspired by Malta's diverse musical influence and the lively energy of the country's festas. The music plunges audiences into a festive and vibrant world of Cirque du Soleil.

    • COSTUMES &: MAKEUP — Bold, colorful and vibrant, the costumes weave together multiple periods and style in deliberate disorder. They get bolder and brighter as Bruno advances in his quest, echoing his evolving character and growing sense of confidence. The makeup perfectly complements the bold, colorful costumes and set design while capturing the unique personalities of every character. The makeup style is glamourous and sparkling, reflecting the fun and festive energy of the show itself.

      • Bruno: Bruno is the awkward but endearing protagonist of the story who falls hopelessly in love at first sight when he catches a glimpse of Loulou on a balcony overhead. From that moment on, he sets out on a mission to win her heart ... with a little help from new friends he meets along the way.
      • Loulou: The enchanting heroine of the story, Loulou is Brunos object of affection (and obsession). She remains an enigma throughout the show, always appearing just out of reach. Her captivating beauty and talent for the trapeze make her an irresistible mystery.
      • Monsieur: Suave, sophisticated and unapologetically self-assured, the Monsieur character walks with a cane he doesnt need just to make an entrance. An aerial pole aficionado, he jumps on every opportunity to show off his skills. And he tries to teach Bruno how to put his own athletic prowess on proud display to win over Loulou.
      • Gina, Miss Balloons: Gina is the epitome of a beauty queen ... with the Miss Malta sash to prove it! A striking beauty and elegant antipodist, she juggles with balls that multiply like magic and throws them out to the adoring crowd that forms wherever she goes.
      • The Sisters: The 3 sisters are a tight-knit trio of teens with attitude. Perpetually chewing gum, their favorite place to be is at the beach, soaking up the sun and pining over the objects of their desire: the 3 cousins.
      • The 3 Cousins: Smooth, full of themselves and seemingly invincible, the 3 cousins love to show off. Masters of the teeterboard, they take Bruno under their wing like big brothers, showing him how to jump to new heights to impress Loulou while teaching him that its ok to fall down—as long as you rise up again.
      • Les Fêtards: This talented troupe is fun, festive and full of life, performing a gravity-defying Russian Cradle act that sees them soaring through the sky together in awe inspiring synch.
      • Duo Gelato: Ice cream vendors in the village, this comedic pair turns up the energy and entertainment wherever they go. When they whistle, the whole town comes running to get a taste of their sweet treats ... and a front-row seat to their hypnotizing unicycle act.
      • Other characters include Bernard, Agnes, the Tourists, the Tourists Guide, Miss Malta Cola, the Painters and the Better Version of Bruno and Loulou.

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    Creative Team

    • Show Director — Alexia Bürger
    • Creative Director — Marie-Hélène Delage
    • Assistant to Show Director — Yves St-Pierre
    • Human Performance Designer — Emilie Therrien
    • Acrobatics Choreographer & Coach — Emilie Therrien
    • Acrobatic Coach Assistant — Emmanuel Jaquinot
    • Costume Designer — Sebastien Dionne
    • Costumes Designer Assistant — Philippe Massé
    • Props Designer — Alain Jenkins
    • Lighting Designer — Éric Champoux
    • Lighting Operator — David Rondeau
    • Set Designer — Simon Guilbault
    • Hair & Makeup Design — Maryse Gosselin
    • Assistant Hair and Makeup Designer — Julie Gemme
    • Music Composer and Arranger — Colin Gagné
    • Sound Designer — Jean-Michel Caron
    • Movement Consultant — Wynn Holmes

    Acts / Music

    • Animation / Opening
    • Washington Trapeze: "Innocence" (from Quidam)
    • Duo Unicycle: "Los Mosquitos" (from LUZIA)
    • Interlude
    • Aerial Pole
    • Interlude
    • Antipodist
    • Clown
    • Acrosport: "Así es la vida" (from LUZIA)
    • Sanddorn Balance
    • Duo Dance Trapeze
    • Teeterboard: "Tzelma" (from «O»)
    • Chinese Pole
    • Corde Lisse
    • Interlude
    • Russian Cradle: "Simcha" (from «O»)
    • Finale

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