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Les Chemins Invisibles (Year 1)

    Les Chemins Invisibles
    Chapter One: "The Enriched Encounter"

Les Chemins invisibles (The Invisible Paths) is a street event created by Cirque du Soleil.

Throughout Les Chemins invisibles, members of the Brumes, Brasiers and Sables tribes (the Fog, Fire and Sands tribes) reveal the richness of the blend of cultures and artistic genres when they meet with another tribe, the Embarrassants. These street performers invite the public to four rendez-vous in the heart of downtown Quebec City.

Each representing one of the three primary colours,-the Brumes, Brasiers and Sables tribes take different roads to finally gather at the Īlot Fleurie under the Dufferin- Montmorency highway overpass. As night falls, they set up ingenious campsites for their rituals, which are rich in sound, images and movements.

The juggling, dancing, singing and twirling buskers invite the public to literally follow them along each of three separate paths to the Jardin des Embarrassants. The piers and decks of the highway bridges are transformed into the arches of a surreal, colourful cathedral-a true temple of poetry. Les Chemins invisibles is a foray into the intimacy of urban characters, who transform the street into a meeting place that is open to the world.

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