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Quidam: Full Circle
Filmed /// 1996, Montreal Run Time (22 min)

Come in under the Big Top for a behind-the-scenes look a the making of Cirque du Soleil's ninth creation, which critics have described as "the most dramatic, the most esthetic and perhaps the most melancholy show in the history of this marvellous circus". Full Circle shows you the making of Quidam from its very beginnings to its triumphant finish. Join Franco, Oleg, Debra, Samuel, Dominique and all of Quidam's other creators and performers as they practice, experiment, innovate and explore. From costume fittings to character improvations, from music full of imagery to acts that have to be perfect, you will be there as the show takes form. Share their dream. Join their quest for a magical show!

“Full Circle” was originally released onto VHS and was not subsequently re-issued when most other Cirque du Soleil visual properties were re-released onto DVD in 2001. However, a digital version of the documentary can be found on a CD-R promo disc released by Optus, a mobile telephone company who was the presenting sponsor of Quidam during its 2004-2005 Australian tour.

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General Features
    cirque du soleil presents quidam: full circle, a télémajik production. Director: joel bertomeu. Executive Producer: hélène dufresne. Associative Producer anne plamondon. Editor: philippe ralet.
Video: NTSC/PAL, Color, Full Screen (4:3)
Audio English, Mono

Bonus Features
  • Transcript — We hear from Franco Dragone, Director: "For me, Quidam pays a kind of tribute to the joys and suffering of everyday people. Everyone who does not appear in ads or television clips or in the public spotlight - these are 'gawkers,' people who wander all over the place. We have done a lot of shows with a lot of success that we can think that now the next one will be a success. What we want to do now is start a new cycle. We have tried - this year - we have tried to change... to evolve a little bit the process, to really change the show..." { Read }

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Alternate Visuals
Edition Info

    Télémajik (1986-1998)

      R01 (USA/Canada)
         Release Date — 1996
         Catalog — Télémagik #201Q01A
         UPC — n/a

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