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Alegría: The Truth of Illusion
Filmed /// 1994, Montreal Run Time (22 min)

"Truth of Illusion: Alegria" is a 1994 production to support the release of Cirque du Soleil's 10th Anniversary show, "Alegría." Like its predecessors, the 22-minute production is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show.

As a documentary, Alegria "The Truth Of Illusion" is not just a collage of peeks at Le Cirque's world. It tells a story, an adventure in which the suspense starts slowly, then builds up steam and hurtles at a breathtaking pace towards its happy ending. It's a human story, the tale of a noble and fearless team that knows that people are waiting for it all over North America... and perhaps all over the world.

Alegría “The Truth of Illusion” was released on VHS (#9451) in 1994. It was not included on the “Cirque du Soleil Presents Alegría” DVD and is currently out of print and unavailable.

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General Features
    cirque du soleil presents alegria: truth of illusion, a télémajik production. Director: renald bellemare Executive Producer: hélène dufresne. Associative Producer: anne plamondon. Editor: miguel raymond.
Video: NTSC/PAL, Color, Full Screen (4:3)
Audio English, Mono

Bonus Features
  • Transcript — "When the time has come and when the time is right, somehow you know,” the documentary’s narrator (Ludovic Linz) begins. “Time after time and time again, you've seen the signs and wondered what it was out there, deep in the river. Was it hell on earth and fading into the sky? Was it the garden of delights? In the heart of the night, you've seen the moon and the shadow of light, the spirit of creation, the spirit of dream. You've seen the truth of illusion - the spirit of Alegría infiltrated the Cirque du Soleil Montreal studios on a windy winter night... subversive, smooth, yet dangerously dynamic. { Read }

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Alternate Visuals
Edition Info

    Télémajik (1986-1998)

      R01 (USA/Canada)
         Release Date — 1994
         Catalog — Télémagik #9451
         UPC — n/a

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