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KÀ Extreme
Cirque du Soleil Images
Filmed /// 2005 | Las Vegas Run Time (46 min)

The documentary is a compilation of discussions with the Director and Creator of KA, Robert Lepage, and other creators, "behind the scenes" folks, and artists from the show. We get insight from Lepage as to how he came up with the vision of a show with inverted worlds and anti-gravity. We hear from Mark Fisher, Theatre and Set Designer, how the theater came together and how everyone worked to deliver a show performed not on a stage but in a void. We see the renovation of the KA Theater at the MGM Grand and get some insights as to its design and function. We see the moment the cast is introduced to the stage and get a glimpse of their excitement as they see it all come to life. We also see some of the particular safety measures and challenges this show has given the designers and how Cirque has come up with innovative solutions. Jonathan Deans, Sound Designer, speaks about how big a part sound plays in the production, and Holger Forterer, Interactive Projections Designer, speaks on the show's ambitious visual effects.

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General Features

Video: NTSC/PAL, Color, Wide-Screen (16:9)
Audio: English/French, Dolby Stereo

Bonus Features
  • "The Creators of KA" (3:00) — Basically a photo album of the people who created, directed and supported the production. There are also some interesting original concept drawings.

  • "Excerpts of the Music of KA" — There are two songs, "Cliff" (6:00) and "Baton" (3:30), both composed by René Dupéré and are on the KA CD.

  • Others — Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, Cirque on DVD, Cirque du Soleil Music, and CirqueClub featurettes.

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    Cirque du Soleil Images (2007+)

      R0 (All)
         Release Date — Mar.01.2005
         Catalog — CDS1DD20-0001
         UPC — 4-00005-06550-7

      R0 (All)
         Re-Release Date — May.01.2007
         Catalog — #508798
         UPC — 4-00005-08798-1

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