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Cirque du Soleil Presents: Alegria Le Film
First Look/Sony Pictures Classics
Filmed /// 1999 Run Time (93 min)

Alegria is the first feature film inspired by the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, an internationally-based performance ensemble that uniquely blends traditional cirucs arts with the expressive possibilities of theatre, dance and music. Alegria, the film, is far more than the documentation of the live event. Instead, the cinematic medium has been employed to expand and transform the original, fantasmagorical vision, moving the Cirque's dreamlike imagery out of the Big Top and into the real world, and introducing a narrative love story enacted by a distinguished international cast.

Frac is a street mime who's love of performing and life has been overcome by a deep sorrow. One day he decides to end his life by throwing himself under a train. But as fate would have it, his plan changes when he mets Giulietta, a beautiful circus performer with whom he falls instantly in love. In order to pursue his love, Frac must overcome the disapproval of Giulietta's father and leader of the circus, Fleur. Events come to a climax when Giulietta abandons the circus to be with Frac and subsequently the circus collapses.

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General Features
    alliance atlantis and overseas filmgroup present a cirque du soleil images / storia films production, in association with mainstream s.a. and egmond film & television, a canada-france-netherlands co-production. a franco dragone film. Casting: vanessa pereira & simone ireland. Director of Photography: pierre mignot. Production Designer: ben van os. Costume Designer: dominique lemieux. Editing: jean-francois bergeron, yves langlois. Original Score: benoit jutras. Co-Producers: alexandre heylen, hans de weers. Executive Producers: hélène dufresne, peter wagg. Produced By: rudy barichello and stéphane reichel. Written By: Rudy Barichello. Directed By: Franco Dragone.
Video (VHS): NTSC/PAL, Color, Full-Screen (4:3)
Video (DVD): NTSC/PAL, Color, Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio English, Dolby Digital, Stereo

Bonus Features
  • Trailers — Quidam/Dralion DVD, Alegria Le Film Trailer

  • Music VideoLove Leaves Someone Behind by Irene Marc

  • Music MontagesA Child In His Eyes and Let Them Live

  • Extended Performances — "Hoops" and "Cube Act"

  • Making of Featurette — { Read }

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Edition Info

    Sony Pictures Classics

      R01 (USA/Canada)
         Release Date — Mar.14.2000
         Catalog — #OVED687DVD
         UPC — 0-14381-68742-2
         ISBN — 0-7678-7391-2

         Release Date — Mar.14.2000
         Catalog — #OVED687VHS
         UPC — 6-87797-12303-9

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