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Cirque du Soleil Presents: Alegría
Cirque du Soleil Images
Filmed /// 2001 | Sydney Run Time (90 minutes)

What if anything were possible? What if the stage became a fantastic world where the old were young again, and where the kings were clowns? And if that were Alegría, what would you make of it all?

In developing Alegría, Cirque du Soleil saw in the world around them a society in flux – uncertainty – in constant upheaval. They saw a world of contrasts – power and powerlessness, cruelty and kindness. They saw the irony of globalization, where a constantly shrinking world left individuals more isolated than ever before. They saw the irony of progress as though the sum of evil and hardship in the world remained forever constant. But through this uncertainty is the glow of the human spirit, an unconquerable force; resolute in its strength.

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General Features
    cirque du soleil presents alegría, a cirque du soleil images and serpent films production. Executive Producer: peter wagg. Director: nick morris. Producer: rocky oldham.
Video (DVD) Color, Anamorphic Wide-Screen (16:9)
Audio (DVD) English, Dolby Digital/2.0/5.1
Video (VHS) NTSC/PAL, Color, Full-screen (4:3)
Audio (VHS) English, Digital 2.0

Bonus Features
  • Music Promo — A 58-second advertisement for Cirque du Soleil Musique. While the promo flashes lightning-fast highlights from most of the shows - with the album covers swimming across the screen, a three partial-song collage is played that consists of Dralion's "Bamboo", Alegría's "Irna", and ends with the haunting "O" theme.

  • "Filming Alegría: a Featurette" (13:00) — Interviews with the filming crew, such as Rocky Oldman (Producer), Peter Wagg (Executive Producer), Nick Morris (Director), Patrick Woodroffe (Lighting Designer), and Luc Lafortune, who was brought back to help mesh the video lighting with his originally-designed stage lighting. The interviews cover how difficult it is to capture Cirque du Soleil's live magic on video.

  • "A Journey to Alegria" (45:00)" — { Read }

  • "A Different Perspective" — A wonderful montage of video and music. It is kind of a music video of Alegría highlights, featuring live portions of the songs "Taruka", "Irna", and the title track "Alegría." The five-minute video includes unused scenes from the main event.

  • "Meet the Artists" — A unique personal touch where each and every performer introduces themselves while in street clothes then morph into their stage outfit to explain their role and how long they have been in the show. Some of the performers have limited use of the English language which makes the interview even more intriguing. The best interview is saved for last: Eve Montpetit, who plays the Black Singer. She explains that she used to sometimes play the White Singer, but she became innocent and naïve and happy. "I prefer to haunt you," she says with a slight smirk.

  • Multi-Angle Performances — Four different camera angles from parts of two acts: the Fast Track and the Aerial High Bar. On the left side of the screen the angles are shown in small video boxes so that the person viewing can choose which angle is preferred. The multi-angle selections are not attainable during the main video.

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Edition Info

    Cirque du Soleil Images (1999-2002)

      R01 (USA/CAN)
         Release Date — Apr.xx.2002
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      Other Regions
         Release Date — Oct.29.2004 (R2-JPN)
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         Release Date — Feb.23.2005 (R4-AUS)

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