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Cirque du Soleil Presents: Saltimbanco
Columbia/Tri-Star, Télémagik
Filmed /// 1993 | Atlanta Run Time (78 minutes)

Saltimbanco is a celebration of life where an international troupe of more than fifty performers ranging from 8 to 45 years of age defy gravity and dazzle with their artistry. A panoply of acts in which top-notch acrobatics are executed with masterly beauty--handbalancing, double trapeze, double tightrope, Chinese poles, the Russian Swing, bungees, jugglers and clowns. Created in 1992 as an antidote to the violence and despair typical of the 20th century, this phantasmagorical show proposes a new vision of urbanity, overflowing with optimism and happiness. Saltimbanco is not linear; rather, it is a kaleidoscope, an adventure in which anything can happen. Saltimbanco has its own language - a soul expressed through the voice, the body and music.

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General Features
    cirque du soleil presents saltimbanco, a cirque du soleil images (formerly Télémagik) production. Executive Producer: hélène dufresne. Director: jacques payete. Editor: vidal béïque. Director of Photography: sylvain brault.
Video NTSC/PAL, Color, Full-Screen (4:3)
Audio English, Dolby Digital/Stereo

Bonus Features
  • Trailers — Quidam / Dralion

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Alternate Visuals
Edition Info

    Télémagik (1986-1998)

         Release Date — 1994
         Catalog — Télémagik #9433

         Release Date — Jun.13.1995
         Catalog — VCI #VC651D

    Columbia/Tri-Star (1999-2007)

      Region 01 (USA/Canada)
         Release Date — Oct.30.2001
         Catalog — #07070 (UPC 0-43396-07070-7)
         ISBN — 0-7678-7394-7

      R02/R03/R04 - Worldwide
         Release Date — Feb.07.2003 (R2-JPN)
         Catalog — GTSDD-27265 (R2-JPN)
         Release Date — n/a (R3-SE Asia)
         Catalog — #07070-MNWS (R3-SE Asia)
         Release Date — Jul.14.2004 (R4-Aus)
         Catalog — n/a (R4-Aus)

      • Release Date — 2001 (China)
      • Catalog — n/a

      • Release Date — Oct.30.2001 (USA/CAN)
      • Release Date — Feb.07.2003 (JPN)
      • Catalog — #07208 (UPC 0-43396-07208-4)

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