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Cirque du Soleil Presents: Le Cirque Réinventé
Columbia/Tri-Star, Télémajik
Filmed /// 1988 | Montreal Run Time (56 minutes)

"Ladies and gentlemen, dear children, once upon a time..." The alure of the circus has always been magical. But, Cirque du Soleil has redefined the meaning of the word and has taken it to the next level - performance art without boundaries, ballet without gravity. And their intoxicating mixture of costume, music, stage design and showmanship has dazzled millions. Emmy award winning Cirque Réinventé captures the extraordinary tour performed by Cirque du Soleil to sold out audiences in 1987. Included are breathtaking feats of handbalancing, tightrope, acrobatic cycling, chair balancing, contortion, clowns and aerial acrobatics. "With our fierceness and our youthfullness, we wanted to reinvent the circus."

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General Features
    cirque du soleil presents le cirque réinventé, a cirque du soleil images (formerly télémajik) production. Executive Producer: hélène dufresne. Director: jacques payete. Editor: vidal béïque. Director of Photography: maurice roy.
Video NTSC/PAL, Color, Full-Screen (4:3)
Audio English, Dolby Digital/Stereo

Bonus Features
  • Trailers — Quidam / Dralion

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Alternate Visuals
Edition Info

    Télémajik (1986-1998)

      NTSC (Island Visual Arts)
         Release Date — Jan.28.1992
         Catalog — 440-084-193-3
         UPC — 0-440-084-193-3-4

      PAL (VCI)
         Release Date — n/a
         Catalog — VC6757
         UPC — 5-014138-067571

      NTSC (Island Visual Arts)
         Release Date — Jan.28.1992
         Catalog — 440-084-193-1
         UPC — 0-440-084-193-1-x

    Columbia/Tri-Star (1999-2007)

      Region 01 (USA/Canada)
         Release Date — Oct.30.2001
         Catalog — #07073 (UPC 0-43396-07073-8)
         ISBN — 0-7678-7392-0

      R02/R03/R04 - Worldwide
         Release Date — 2001 (R3-SE Asia)
         Catalog — #07073-MNWS (R3-SE Asia)

      • Release Date — Oct.30.2001 (China)
      • Catalog — 70703 (0-43396-07073-8)

      • Release Date — Oct.30.2001 (USA/CAN)
      • Catalog — #07209 (UPC 0-43396-07209-1)

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