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Cirque du Soleil Presents: La Magie Continue
Columbia/Tri-Star, Télémajik
Filmed /// 1986 | Toronto Run Time (50 minutes)

Acclaimed by an audience of over 30 million worldwide, with numerous prizes and distinctions to its credit, Cirque du Soleil has reinvented and revolutionized the circus. Since 1984, they have been dazzling the public with an astonishing, theatrical blend of circus arts and street performance, wrapped up in spectacular costumes and fairyland sets and staged to spellbinding music and magical lighting. La Magie Continue is one of the jewels in the Cirque du Soleil crown, documenting their sophomore tour that helped to propel them to new heights in attendance and success. For fanatics and fans alike, it offers a glimpse into the impressive beginnings of what was to become a worldwide phenomenon and an inspiration to millions.

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General Features
    cirque du soleil presents la magie continue, a cirque du soleil images (formerly télémajik) production. Executive Producer: guy laliberté. Director: pierre lacombe. Editors: pierre lacombe, pierre seguin. Director of Photography: alain dostie.
Video NTSC/PAL, Color, Full-Screen (4:3)
Audio English, Dolby Digital/Stereo

Bonus Features
  • Trailers — Quidam / Dralion

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Alternate Visuals
Edition Info

    Télémajik (1986-1998)

      NTSC (90 minutes)
         Release Date — June 1, 1987
         Catalog — 5-CDS-01 (VHS)
         Catalog — 5-CDS-02 (BETA)
         UPC — n/a

    Columbia/Tri-Star (1999-2007)

      Region 01 (USA/Canada)
         Release Date — Oct.30.2001
         Catalog — #07071 (UPC 0-43396-07071-4)
         ISBN — 0-7678-7391-2

      R02/R03/R04 - Worldwide
         Release Date — 2001 (R3-SE Asia)
         Catalog — #07071-MNWS (R3-SE Asia)

      • Release Date — Oct.30.2001 (China)
      • Catalog — 3-600LB-6289

      • Release Date — Oct.30.2001 (USA/CAN)
      • Catalog — #07207 (UPC 0-43396-07207-7)

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