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Fuji Television
Japan Tour Special Run Time (125 min)

Release --  Feb.02.2011
Region --  Region 2 (JPN)
Video --  NSTC / Color / 4:3
Sound --  Stereo / Japanese
Catalog # --  FTJS-004
UPC --  4-977016-217745

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General Features
  • "Kooza At a Glance" (4:02) — This short featurette offers a quick peek at Kooza, highlighting the show from beginning to end.

  • "It's Show Time!" (9:24) — A day-in-the-life (and history) featurette on the Wheel of Death artists.

  • "Child of the Circus" (19:34) — A great featurette following a day-in-the-life of the Trapeze artist, a child of Cirque du Soleil.

  • "The Funny People of Kooza" (13:11) — A hilarious and cheeky behind-the-curtain backstage look at the antics some artists get into whilst on tour.

  • "Kooza's Other World" (11:07) — A true behind-the-scenes look at putting on the show night after night after night.

  • "The Origins of Cirque du Soleil" (13:43) — Take a trip back to Montreal - the home of Cirque du Soleil's headquarters - to trace the origins of the Cirque du Soleil.

  • "Messages from the Artists" (6:15) — Meet a few members of the Kooza cast in this charming featurette.

  • "Meet the Cast" (n/a) — A static look at each cast member, by act, showing their name (in both English and Japanese), and in-character and out-of-character photographs.

Bonus Features
  • "History of Cirque du Soleil" (8:25) — A video montage recreating Cirque du Soleil's history from 1984 to 2011.

  • "Cirque du Soleil in Japan" (4:09) — A fantastic recap of Cirque du Soleil's visits to Japan thus far.

  • "Cirque du Soleil Worldwide" (n/a) — A series of 16 trailers of select Cirque du Soleil shows now playing around the world.

  • "Cirque du Soleil Casting" (1:16) — A short video showcasing the Cirque du Soleil casting experience.

  • "Credits" (n/a) — A full and complete list of credits from the tour: creators, contributors, cast, crew, and everything behind the creation of the DVD.

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