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Tapis Rouge Vinyl Remixes

... a look into the heart of Cirque du Soleil through the eyes of the world's foremost electronic music producers.

Tapis Rouge is Cirque du Soleil's six-volume series of 12" vinyl installments, featuring remixed selections from their entire musical repertoire, as a preview to "20 Years Under the Sun", a two-disc CD/DVD package released in the Fall of 2004 commemorating Cirque's 20th Anniversary (released as "Solarium / Delirium"). Showcased in this series are some of the world's most influential DJs and electronic music producers, who have remixed tracks from Cirque du Soleil soundtracks such as Dralion, Saltimbanco, "O", and Varekai.

Volumes 1, 2 & 3 were released in 2003, and Volumes 4, 5 & 6 in 2004. These releases were marketed in Canada and Europe only. The Canadian pressings bear a sequential catalog number CDSM 001 through CDSM 006, while the European pressings CDSM 12001 through CDSM 12006. CDSM, of course, stands for Cirque du Soleil Musique, the company's music label.

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Volume #1


Catalog #: CDSM001 (CAN)
Catalog #: CDSM-12001 (UK)
UPC #: 8-74751-00041-7

   A1. Africa (CottonBelly Remix) [4:35]
   A2. A Tale (Chilluminati Mix) [6:14]
   B1. Le Reveur (Thievery Corp Remix) [5:08]
   B2. Emballa (Llorca Remix) [5:46]

Volume #2


Catalog #: CDSM002 (CAN)
Catalog #: CDSM-12002 (UK)
UPC #: 8-74751-00042-4

   A1. Ombra (Afterlife Remix) [5:03]
   A2. Gamelan (Cantoma Remix) [6:02]
   B1. Africa 
       (Banzai Republic Equator Bound) [6:12]
   B2. El Pendulo 
       (Fenomenon Northern Comfort Mix) [4:32]

Volume #3

"Aborigenes Jam"

Catalog #: CDSM003 (CAN)
Catalog #: CDSM-12003 (UK)
UPC #: 8-74751-00033-2

   A1. Vocal Mix (Francois K & Eric Kupper) [8:15]
   B1. Dub Mix (Francois K & Eric Kupper) [7:45]

Volume #4


Catalog #: CDSM004 (CAN)
Catalog #: CDSM-12004 (UK)
UPC #: 8-74751-00034-9

   A. Album Mix (Louie Vega feat. Jaffa) [6:23]
  B1. Ritual Mix (Louie Vega feat. Jaffa) [6:23]
  B2. Sun Dub (Louie Vega feat. Jaffa) [5:54]

Volume #5


Catalog #: CDSM005 (CAN)
Catalog #: CDSM-12005 (UK)
UPC #: 8-74751-00035-6

   A. Release Mix (Roger Sanchez) [8:33]
   B. Release The Dub (Roger Sanchez) [7:47]

Volume #6

"Mer Noire / Africa"

Catalog #: CDSM006 (CAN)
Catalog #: CDSM-12006 (UK)
UPC #: 8-74751-00036-3

   A. Mer Noire (Tiesto Remix) [8:55]
   B. Africa (Quicksound Remix) [8:55]

Volume #7

"Tapis Rouge Remixed"

Catalog #: CDS-Remix
UPC #: none

   A1. A Tale (Chilluminati Remix)
   A2. Rumeurs (John Beltran Remix)		
   B1. Gamelan (Cantoma Remix)		
   B2. Africa (Banzai Repubic Remix)		

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    You'll find the following tracks from the vinyl releases
    on three Cirque du Soleil Musique CD releases. Not all of
    the tracks released on vinyl made it to CD and thus are
    only available on that medium. All tracks listed are the
    same length as their vinyl counterparts unless otherwise
    o) On the "Tapis Rouge: Solarium" album:
    	- Africa (CottenBelly Remix)
    	- Ombra (Afterlife Remix)
    	- Gamelan (Cantoma Remix)
    	- Africa (Banzai Republic Equator Bound)
    	- El Pendulo (Fenomenon Northern Comfort Mix)
    o) On "Varekai (Bonus CD/DVD set)" album:
    	- Emballa (Llorca Remix)
    o) On "Solarium-Delirium" remix album
    	- Aborigenes Jam (Vocal Mix) [as 6:42]
    	- Emballa (Album Mix) [as 6:22]
    	- Kumbalawe (Roger Sanchez Release Mix) [as 7:51]
    	- Mer Noire (Tiesto Remix) [as 6:44]
    	- Africa (Quicksound Remix) [as 8:48]

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