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Saltimbanco (Extended)
Composer /// René Dupéré Run Time (73:26)

  01: "Kumbalawé"............ (5:34)
  02: "Barock"............... (4:20)
  03: "Kazé"................. (5:07)
  04: "Amazonia"............. (7:58)
  05: "Norweg"............... (6:08)
  06: "Urgence".............. (5:32)
  07: "Pokinoï".............. (5:08)
  08: "Saltimbanco".......... (5:19)
  09: "Il Sogno Di Volare"... (5:13)
  10: "Horéré Unkundé"....... (6:47)
  11: "Rideau"............... (3:07)
  12: "Adagio" (*)........... (5:47)
  13: "Arlequin" (*)......... (7:36)

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    In the city there are men, women and children. There are those who have lots and those who have nothing: those who get by and those who disturb. There are those who have eyes but can't see, ears but can't hear. There are those who are not accounted for and the heroes of the daily struggle. There is this wildlife, from the street bum to the painter along with the street entertainer, who enchant our world on the road to disenchant-ment. And, in the city, there are saltimbanques... INTO THE RING!

Production Notes

    Programming - rené dupéré, luc gilbert // Drums - dominique messier (2-4-6-8-10-11), alain bergé (1) // Bass - marc langis (2-4-6-8-11), peter kisilenko (10) // Guitar - robert stanley (2-4-6-8-10-11) // Saxophones - jean-pierre zanella (5-8), richard beaudet (2-4-10) // Percussions - paul picard (1-5), ibrahima fueye (10) dominique messier (5) // Electric Violin - andré proulx (2) // Addit Programming - serge locat (6) // Strings (9) - claude hamel, monica duchenes, céline, lucie ménard, brigitte lefebvre, sylvie harvey, brian bacon, suzanne careau, jean rené, katherine skorzewska, marc denis, louise trudel.

    All compositions - rené dupéré // Except - franco dragone (lyrics), rené dupéré (9)

    Lead Vocal - francine poitras (1-3-4-5-7-9-10-11) // Vocal - rené bazinet (11)

    Choir (1-10) - herberne normil, maureen normil, ronnett felix, rochelle felix, dionne félix, donna forde, greg forde, cortez goodgie, dervel gardner, ted philips, nathalie michele, anatonia pigot/ricardo ernest (10), jim corcoran (1) rené dupéré (1)

    Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal (7): françois lair, alexandre caron, jean-luc ratel, vincent hamel, harold fortin, alexandre lambert, alex crawford, patrick doane, simon arame.

    Produced by - luc gilbert // Assisted by - rené dupéré // Arrangements - rené dupéré // Additional Arrangements - luc gilbert

    Recorded by - michael delaney // Assisted by - jean massicotte, luc pellerin // Mixed by - michael delaney (5-7-11), bill szawlowski (1-2-3-4-6-8-9-10) // Assisted by - luc pellerin // Recording & Mix - studio victor, Montréal, Canada // Mastering - bill kipper - Disques SNB Itée, Montréal, Canada

    Photographers - al seib, dan lavoie, philippe guillaume // Illustration - michel-thomas poulin // Graphic Design - richard cote, therese mondor // Producer - entreprises touz azimuts inc. (P) 1992, daniel gauthier // Executive Producer - daniel aumais

    Additional Tracks

    NOTE (*): "Adagio" and "Arlequin" were recorded live under the bigtop Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1996

    Band Leader, Bass — marc sohier // Vocals — laur fugère (12) // Guitars — yvon cloutier // Keyboards — marc delorme // Drums — gilles st-amand // Saxophone — david bellemare

    Recording — rogier van rossum, hans van wagen, marc sohier, yvon cloutier // Additional Editing and Mastering — denis normandeau, studios piccolo

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      Text by: Richard Russo | September 2002
      Fascination! Newsletter, Issue #13
      /// { Read }

    "Saltimbanco: 'Juzoom, Joozoom!'"

    On October 2001, the "Fascination! Newsletter" reviewed a little known but highly sought after re-release of a Cirque du Soleil musical CD - the Saltimbanco soundtrack (BMG Funhouse/RCA Japan - BVCF-31076; 74321-82877-2). At first glance there was nothing special about its release; the show was touring the Japanese islands at the time. But it contained something that made our hearts flutter: two bonus tracks! That release (1/24/01) contained two new cuts: "Adagio" (5:43) and "Arlequin" (7:27).

    The only problem with the release stemmed from the fact that these two tracks did not adhere to the general quality of the other previously released selections. Keith Johnson, who reviewed the CD for us back in our second issue, said it best when he commented that the two pieces seemed "sloppy and 'last minute'". And indeed they do seem that way; unfeeling, uninspired, and lacking the quality of a re-mastered audio recording.

    Further listening of the tracks lead to discoveries about their origins and where the recordings actually came from. It was determined that the new tracks weren't simply copied from the video release; but if not, where did they come from? Later we learned that the two cuts actually came from a recording made by the musicians for the artists of Cirque du Soleil to enjoy at Christmas time. In fact, the cuts were recorded in Amsterdam in 1996 on Saltimbanco's original European Tour. But not until 2001 had the two tracks been released for the general public to enjoy.

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Alternate Visuals
Edition Info

    BMG/RCA Japan {2001}
    Released: January 24, 2001 (JPN)

      CD • Catalog #: BVCF-31076 [ADD]
      • UPC: 74321-82877-2

    BMG Canada {2002}
    Released: March 19, 2002 (CAN)

      CD • Catalog #: 74321-91655-2 [ADD]
      • UPC: 7-43219-16552-7

    Cirque du Soleil Musique {2004+}
    Released: None

      CD • Catalog #: CDSMC-10004-2
      • UPC: Unreleased; Tracking Only

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