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Dreams of the Solo Trapeze
Canal House, 2004

{Author} /// Mark Schreiber

Enter a world unlike any other, where a dozen languages are spoken and scores of disciplines perfected -- or invented; intimate and inscrutable, artistic and athletic, courageous and committed: the private world of the performers in the Cirque du Soleil. And of the hundreds of artists the Cirque employs, none is more fascinating than Olga Sidorova, who ran away from Siberia at age fourteen to follow her dreams to fly.

When Mark Schreiber met her in March 2002, she inspired his own global odyssey, following the European Tour of Saltimbanco, assisting her after knee surgery at the Cirque's training studio in Montreal, even helping a pair of contortionists apartment hunt in Las Vegas. Along the way she unraveled her life story, and introduced him to many other cast members, who revealed their histories and passions, including a juggling prodigy, twin trapezists, a veteran acrobat whose family fled from Cambodia, a clown from Harlem, and an Olympic gymnast.

Dreams of the Solo Trapeze: Offstage with the Cirque du Soleil is not one book but many: non-fiction novel, biography, cultural history, travel narrative, and love story. Its aim is to discover and pay tribute to these magnificent artists in a manner that reflects the Cirque's own spontaneousness, originality and daring. [Inside Front Cover]

Release Date --  Dec.20.2004 (USA)
--  Jan.01.2005 (CAN)
--  Jan.30.2005 (JP/EU)
Dimensions --  9.3 x 6.2 x 1.2 in
# of Pages --  317 pages
SRP --  $19.95 USD
ISBN-10 --  09-7546-640-2
ISBN-13 --  978-09-7546-640-7

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