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Wings: Backstage with Cirque du Soleil
Tondo Books/Arena, 1999

{Author} /// Veronique Vial

Wings presents the work of Veronique Vial, Parisian-born photographer who, for years, has been candidly documenting Cirque du Soleil, the world renowned circus of mystery and illusion. Taken while on tour and behind the scenes, Vial's photographs show a more personal side of the circus performers as they prepare themselves for the "big top." Vial's photographs reveal all the pageantry and spirit for which this band of performers has come to be recognized, while giving us an intimate view of the diverse personalities that have made this troupe so famous. Eighty-three photographs are sumptuously reproduced in this superbly illustrated and beautifully designed book.

Release Date --  Dec.30.1999
Dimensions --  0.8 x 10.0 x 12.5 in
# of Pages --  151 pages
SRP --  $35.00 USD
ISBN-10 --  18-9204-110-3
ISBN-13 --  978-18-9204-110-4

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