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The Big KĄ Coloring Book
Really Big Coloring Books, 2009

{Author} /// Cirque du Soleil

This is an interesting little product that was produced by Really Big Coloring Books by and for Cirque du Soleil's Resident Show Division in Las Vegas as a promotional give-away item. It was never for sale nor is it currently available, but it is interesting never-the-less.. It doesn’t appear to be on sale or currently avaialble, but it’s interesting never-the-less... From the product's description: This is a Really Big Coloring Book nearly 18" wide & 24" tall. This fun and educational coloring book will last for months! This book is a wonderful promotional item about KA, the Cirque du Soleil show located at the MGM Grand theatre in Las Vegas, NV. KA is a promotional product published by Really Big Coloring Books and designed by and for Cirque Du Soleil. KĄ takes adventure to a new level, creating an entire empire on stage. Experience some of the world’s most gravity-defying feats, acrobatics and adventure. A story of two young people growing up, experiencing life, love and conflict, in a time of celebration and chaos! KĄ is the fire that can either; unite or separate, destroy or illuminate a person’s life!

Oversize Tradeback
    # of Pages --  30 Pages
    SRP --  FREE / PROMO
    Dimensions --  18" wide & 24" tall
    ISBN-10 --  None
    ISBN-13 --  None

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