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The Big KĄ Coloring Book
Really Big Coloring Books, 2009

{Author} /// Cirque du Soleil

This nearly 18" wide x 24" tall book was produced by Really Big Coloring Books (RBCB) out of St. Louis, MO. for Cirque du Soleil's Resident Show Division, as a promotional give-away item about KĄ, at the MGM Grand theater in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"KĄ takes adventure to a new level," the book describes. "Creating an entire empire on stage. Experience some of the world’s most gravity-defying feats, acrobatics and adventure! KĄ is a story of two young people growing up, experiencing life, love and conflict, in a time of celebration and chaos! KĄ is the fire that can either; unite or separate, destroy or illuminate a person’s life!"

The book reproduces scenes and characters from the show to color in, in manga anime art style, as well as elements of the show's story. It was never for sale nor is it currently available to procure from either RBCB or Cirque du Soleil, which makes it a very interesting oddity indeed!

Release Date —  2009
# of Pages —  30
SRP —  FREE / Promo
Dimensions —  18 x 24 in
ISBN-10 —  None
ISBN-13 —  None

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